New Type of Alliance

The UJC aims at a real and conscious participation combining willingness and ideas with a view to its 55th anniversary. BTJ and the self-employees are joining this purpose

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-02-21 | 13:58:53 EST

CIENFUEGOS.—  With the aim of promoting the leadership of the BTJ in Cuba’s economic model update and strengthening the ties of non state workers with the work of the UJC (Young Communist League) a BTJ (Young Technical Brigade) was established with the staff of Casa Prado restaurant.

Including the special interest club with pupils from the Guerrillero Heroico primary school, the initiative will contribute to the comprehensive education, knowledge and improvement of the students.

The chef of Casa Prado Maxiller Martínez Tovar said the students will learn elementary aspects of catering. A great number of students have relatives working in this field, which makes easier the understanding and the interest toward this job.

Official of the UJC National Committee Julio César Aleaga Guerrero expressed this effort stems from the 10th Congress of the organization, where the need to approach the non state sector was emphasized with the aim of rescuing the leadership of the BTJ.

This experience, which has spread to the national level, will be taken to other centers of non state management in Cienfuegos, like Pinos Altos cooperative and El Lagarto restaurant.             

Translated by ESTI

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