Fresh Alliances

The participants in the 2nd. Encounter of Young Journalists exchanged about what unites the work of the UJC and journalism, and starred in an evening dedicated to Fidel

By: Susana Gómes Bugallo


2017-02-08 | 15:30:28 EST
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A young and well-prepared journalist can help us dismantle any misconceptions that may spread, and support us in the challenges that the organization has to face, said Joan Cabo Mijares, a member of the Young Communists League (UJC).

As a part of the 2nd. Meeting of Young Journalists - which concludes today with the plenary debate of the results of the work in groups -, the participants exchanged with Cabo Mijares on what unites the work of Youth and journalism.

To strengthen ties with the youth clubs of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) was one of the agreements of the 10th. Youth Congress, said the youth leader, who said that the organization is moving towards that purpose and will have meetings in all provinces with young professionals of the press to coordinate efforts.

The journalists agreed on highlighting the effectiveness of exchanges such as this, which show the way for a more shrewd collaboration of the sector with the UJC.

Of 59 agreements of the 10th. Congress, 48 ​​have a projection to the external life of the UJC and that shows that the organization is concerned about reaching everyone, said Mijares. He also stressed the need to inform each young person deeply about their environment, so that they can have an active participation in all areas.

He also spoke about the way analysts and researchers of the UJC have studied the modes of participation of Cuban youth, and how vital it is to raise and qualify it. He commented on some ideas about strengthening the communicative work of the organization, with greater activity in the social networks.

The campaign for the 55th anniversary of the UJC is appearing these days in the provinces. He recalled that the activities for the organization's birthday will begin with a tour of the Buena Fe group throughout Cuba and five national walks are planned for historical dates and others in the province.

At the end of the day, the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana was the stage where the young journalists played an emotional tribute to the Commander in Chief in an evening in which, between songs and paintings inspired by Fidel, they shared ideas to fulfil the concept of Revolution from their daily work.

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