The Second Meeting of Young Journalists Begins in Havana

By: Susana Gómes Bugallo


2017-02-07 | 14:14:42 EST
Second Meeting of Young JournalistsSecond Meeting of Young Journalists Photo: Fernando MedinaZoom

How much can a new journalist contribute to the management of the media? That’s the question that has moved part of the debate on the first day of the Second Meeting of Young Journalists, opened this Monday in Havana, with the review of the 24 proposals of the previous edition, held in December, 2015.

The new professionals, divided into the themes of Leadership, Ethics and Participation, and guided by the effective methods by People’s Education, expressed their agreements, analysing good practices, the causes of the lack of solutions, and actions to achieve them.

And they agreed that the key is to contribute dynamics of the rebellious spirit of those who try to transform the world, according to the concerns of their time. Other suggestions were to create mechanisms to follow up on each agreement and make them known in all spaces, so as to fulfill them from one period to another.

The youth clubs of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) has to do that work more effectively, and it is necessary to strengthen the links between the training schools, the media and this organization, in order to satisfy the needs of each entity, and journalism in general, which is to serve the people.

Thus, successful changes in productive routines were shared by participants, who also shared experiences about the importance of eliminating sectoring in topics to achieve more competent professionals, and moving from diagnosis to transformations in the face of an upcoming event, which should take place next year, through meetings and previous socializations in the provinces.

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