The Treasure Island

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By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-02-06 | 16:17:44 EST

This Island is a book on the sea. Each forest, one page; every palm, a feather; each flower, one letter. Like the old navigators, we spent the year capturing anecdotes, circling stories, so the Fair is the fiesta we make it, from one landing to another, to tell us in pictures in the squares and parks.

We make the marine exchange that many call reading and in which we rewrite, for example, the greatness of the Commander who gave the word a meaning deeper than that of dictionaries. Children and young people, who recently spoke of him with tears, now prefer to gloss the incessant smile of the man who shed his light on the light of a people to teach us that it was not a dream: we live on the island of treasure, books.

Download in Pdf the Juventud Rebelde special with an info-graphic map of the Fair and is part of the great celebration of the letters in the Island.

Translated by ESTI

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