Cuban Vaccine, a Hope against Cancer in the World

Immunotherapy developed in the country against lung cancer, whose clinical trials in the United States began recently, has already benefited around 10,000 people worldwide

By: Aileen Infante Vigil-Escalera


2017-01-16 | 14:05:52 EST
CIMAvax-EGF increases the average survival of patients with lung cancer.CIMAvax-EGF increases the average survival of patients with lung cancer. Photo: Zoom

January 13, 2017 1:41:39 CDT

The Cuban therapeutic vaccine successfully used in the treatment of nearly 10,000 people with lung cancer around the world has just been used for the first time on an American patient, from New York, Dr. Agustín Lage Dávila, director of the Centre for Molecular Engineering (CIM), which patented the drug in 2008, told JR.

"The most interesting thing, he said, is that to reach this point within the clinical trial that has been carried out since the end of last year in that country, is that the CIMAvax-EGF® must have been approved, as it were, by the Agency (Food and Drug Administration), and this is a significant step forward in relations between the two nations in the pharmaceutical industry."

Regarding the impact it has had so far within the national territory, Agustín Lage reported that one of the biggest results of last year is the increase in the average survival of all lung cancer patients in Villa Clara. The data, a result of a project that brought the vaccine to all areas of secondary health care in that province, adds to the proven benefits of its use at an international level.

Of these advantages, there is also the fact that, besides Cuba, countries like Colombia use the Cuban drug to inhibit the growth of the tumours of their diagnosed patients, and that others like China and several European countries are developing clinical trials to begin implementing it.

As a curious fact, Agustín Lage announced to our readers that currently Japan also clinically testing a monoclonal antibody produced by the CIM, to treat gastric cancer. The nearly 300 Japanese included so far in the study confirm the prestige and level reached by Cuban science.

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