A Business Unit Exclusively for the Self-employed

The cooperation project methodologically advises them how to reach, more effectively and quickly, a greater number of clients

By: Lisandra Gómez Guerra

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2017-01-11 | 13:06:16 EST

January 10, 2017 23:52:48 CDT

TRINIDAD, Sancti Spíritus.- About 85 financings of about six million pesos have been delivered, since last September to date, in the business unit to provide services exclusively to the self-employed, which, located In the third town of Cuba, is the only one of its kind in the country.

José Couzo, head of the Business Banking Department at the Provincial Directorate of Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) in Sancti Spíritus, told JR that the idea came from a collaboration agreement between the Confederation of Savings Banks of Germany and the highest authority of BPA in the country.

Respecting the policies of the Central Bank of Cuba, the cooperation project methodologically advises how to reach, more effectively and quickly, a greater number of clients. In addition, it has provided resources for the training of Cuban specialists working in it.

The proposal, which in the near future will be extended to other territories of the nation, implements a new methodology for business evaluation, considering the ability to pay not only for income and expenses but also for financial needs of the family nucleus.

The business unit has a small work group, in which four managers promote the Bank´s services in the field, face to face.

"This is one of the great advantages, the client only goes to the Bank the day he formalizes the approved loan. The process takes less time than usual in the branches, "said Couzo.

In this center you can receive other services, such as the opening of checking accounts, use of remote banking and domiciliation of the payroll to pay employees by cash card.

According to experts from the Provincial Directorate of the Banco Popular de Ahorro in Sancti Spíritus, this project, which also seeks to promote the financial culture of the population, has been widely accepted by clients.

For the operation of this first and only unit, the municipality of Trinidad was chosen because it is one of the territories in the country with the largest amount of financing delivered for the self-employed.

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