Cuban Vegetable Charcoal to US Market

Initial shipment includes two containers of 20 tons of charcoal, at a price of $ 420 per ton

By: Juventud Rebelde


2017-01-10 | 19:20:10 EST

The Cuban Exporting Company of Foods and Miscellaneous Products (CubaExport) signed last Thursday an international contract of sale with the US Coabana Trading LLc Company to export marabou artisanal vegetable charcoal to the United States, which will begin to arrive into the US market this month.


The signing of this agreement represents the first sale of goods from Cuba to the United States, said the General Director of the Foreign Trade Business Group (Gecomex), to which CubaExport belongs, Aurelio Mollineda.


Thus, PL reported that the contract has been signed by the Director General of CubaExport, Isabel O'Reilly, and the Representative of Coabana Trading LLc, Gilbert LLP and Executive Director of Reneo Consulting LLc, Scott Gilbert.


We are very satisfied with this commercial agreement that will bring Cuban charcoal to the United States, which will be the first effective export of Cuban goods into the United States and it will allow its population to enjoy a product of excellent quality, O'Reilly said.


This is a first contract, but we hope to continue these relations for many years, not only with charcoal, but with other items such as honey and coffee, he added.


The initial shipment includes two containers of 20 tons of charcoal, at a price of 420 dollars a ton, the highest we have achieved, said the director general of CubaExport.


For his part, Gilbert pointed out that the importance of the agreement goes beyond this initial product, since it will be possible to join in the future honey and coffee.


The executive director of Reneo Consulting LLc added that the document represents another «link in the bridge that will strengthen ties between Cuba and the United States. »


In addition, it was highlighted that the signing of this agreement is a first step in the midst of restrictions that hinder bilateral relations, which remain very limited, due to the persistence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for more than 50 years.


Even the measures taken by the Obama administration that opened this possibility, point out that Cuban products that can be exported to the US market cannot come from the state sector of the economy, which excludes important production like rum and tobacco.

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