Create Your Own Video Game in 48 Hours

University of Computer Science convenes the largest simultaneous video game in the world

By: Yisell Rodríguez Milan


2016-12-10 | 11:17:29 EST
Made especially for the little ones of home, DVD and videojuegos Cubanos arrive at the fair Arte in the Ramp this summer.Made especially for the little ones of home, DVD and videojuegos Cubanos arrive at the fair Arte in the Ramp this summer. Photo: Juventud RebeldeZoom

December 9, 2016 1:20:20 CDT

What is produced by the independent developers or different institutions interested in participating in the Global Game Jam, the world´s largest simultaneous video game development, must be fun, creative and experimental

Cubadebate published on its site that from January 19 to 23, this event will take place at the University of Computer Science, a centre that will be convened in collaboration with the Office of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Cuba, the ecological group Cubanos en la RED, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Organizing Committee of the Global Game Jam 2017.

According to the call, programmers, designers, modellers, musicians and illustrators from around the world will develop their own video game. These developments, it said, will focus on prototypes and demonstrations of physical or digital games.

It also transpires that the rules, conditions, the main theme and the subtopics will be announced at the beginning of the meeting, and each time zone will have additional restrictions to avoid starting work early. The use of previously created games will not be allowed.

It is possible to register until the 9th of January through the web or send the data of the equipment to the mail The resulting video games will be published on the platform of the Global Game Jam, under a Creative Commons license (, and there they can be evaluated by the users.

This contest had its first edition in 2009, when more than 1,600 people from 23 countries participated, who produced 370 games. In the 2016contest, more than 30,000 participants from 93 countries were registered and the record number of 6,866 games developed.

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