Here We Will Be, in Every Trench

Declaration of Cuban children, adolescents and youth

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-12-01 | 18:18:42 EST

Throughout these days, the new generations of Cubans have wept along with the whole nation; thousands of faces reflecting the consternation at the departure of the Commander of so many battles. The pain is deep, but on this rises the will and the certainty that we will never betray his confidence, that the youth in which he trusted infinitely will make his ideas and teachings last in every Cuban boy, adolescent, and young man.

That, however hard the times are and however high the challenges may be, here we will be in every trench of study, work and defence, ready to preserve this Revolution most faithfully, thanks to which we are today more dignified, freer, more anti-imperialist and sufficiently prepared to understand that the future of our Socialism is in our hands, and that nothing and no one can prevent us from defending it to the ultimate consequences. That we learned from Fidel, that we swore to Fidel, and that we will fulfil.

National Bureau of the UJC

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