Canada Will Always Be a Friend of Cuba

Justin Trudeau concluded his official visit to Cuba, where the ties between both countries were strengthened

By: Marylín Luis Grillo


2016-11-17 | 18:14:09 EST

Canada’s Prime Minister qualified his visit to Havana, where Cuba-Canada relations were strengthened and some topics of interest for both countries were approached, as “very positive”.


In a press conference at the Meliá Cohiba Hotel, the foreign leader highlighted in his talks with President Raúl Castro about the importance of trade and topics of regional security.


The commercial exchange between Cuba and Canada is an important source of revenue. According to Trudeau both leader discussed about the ways to expand them and thus improve the lives of the two peoples.


He also said that a number of initiatives are in progress and Cuba and Canada will continue to work for strengthening ties in the fields of research and development, agriculture and in a great number of potentialities in which investment can be made.


About the cooperation to guarantee the safety of America, he said that ways for cooperation are being explored, especially to make help easier in disaster situations.


He gratified Raúl and the Cuban people for the extraordinary welcome, while he ratified the strength of the friendship Canada has with Cuba which has been emphasized in these days. 


Trudeau verified that there is great respect for Canadians and a particular recognition of Canada for what this country has been: a friend.


Regarding his activities that day he said that in his exchange with students and members of the Cuban civil society he could see that they all are looking to the future, in how the Cubans and the Canadians are focused on working.


“This trip was about the strengthening of the relations, which are very valuable and we hope that many positive results emerge from the peoples of the two countries. We’ll continue to prove that Canada will always be a friend of Cuba, he said.”   


Translated by ESTI

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