Safety is Guaranteed for Cuban Workers in Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Bahamas

Actions are defined to face the natural phenomenon and to undertake the recovery after its wake

By: René Tamayo


2016-10-04 | 16:04:41 EST
Photo: APZoom

Cuban workers in Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Bahamas are safe. This was stated yesterday at the meeting of the working body of the National Defense Council for Disaster Reduction, dedicated to the assess and follow up the trajectory of hurricane Matthew through the Caribbean and Cuba.


The Foreign Affairs Ministry representation to that Body reported that the Cuban workers in those countries are carrying out their tasks. As it was informed 237 Cuban workers are in Jamaica, 621 in Haiti, 42 in Dominican Republic and 114 in Bahamas.


Led by the Head of National Civil Defense Ramón Pardo Guerra and Minister of Sciences, Technology and Environment (CITMA) Elba Rosa Pérez the meeting focused on Bahamas’ geographic situation, since it is made up by many small islands which will be harshly affected by hurricane Matthew.


After a detailed report by Head of the Forecasting Center of the Meteorology Institute Dr. Miriam Teresita Llanes about the trajectory of the intense and wide natural phenomenon, members of National Defense Council for Disaster Reduction defined the course of actions to confront the hurricane and to undertake the works for recovery after its passage.


A report was made about the continuity of the withdrawal of products from vulnerable ports, the preservation of resources and the situation and readiness of the territories to be affected by the oncoming phenomenon, as well as the  resources and the specialized workers to recover from damage caused by hurricane Matthew.


The Ministry of Tourism reported about the actions taken in eastern territories for the relocation and protection of foreign visitors who were in hotels and houses for rent.


Contacts have been made with overseas tour operators who have shown the confidence existing in the world regarding the protection and care offered in similar situations to tourists in Cuba.


Also coordinations were adjusted for accomodations, especially in Isla Azul hotels, and for the arrival of brigades from other regions to take part in the actions for recovery after the passage of the hurricane.

Translated by ESTI

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