A Day to Honor and Denounce

Acts of initiation in the University Student Federation will take place throughout the country this Friday 

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-09-30 | 17:46:37 EST
Young Cubans have been reporting in recent days the subversive plan scholarship sponsored by the World Learning.Young Cubans have been reporting in recent days the subversive plan scholarship sponsored by the World Learning. Photo: Miguel Rubiera Jústiz/ACNZoom
The acts of initiation in the University Student Federation (FEU) to take place this Friday, will serve to denounce, reject and protest against imperialism and its subversive plans to affect the stability of the Revolution, violating Cuban laws and international norms by using the new generations for such purposes.
This was confirmed by vicepresident of the organization Yordan Bango Porro, who added that in the whole country and especially in Granma, students will condemn the Summer Program for the Cuban youth designed in 2015 by the nonprofit organization World Learning, which has ignored Cuban institutionality.
We’ll ratify our love for Cuba and history as force majeure, in the face of the United States’ subversive plans to train alleged leaders of opinion and agents of a change that has nothing to do with the project of social justice we have built for more than 50 years and we are improving today to guarantee our present and future, added the student leader.
Bango Porro explained that the members of the Federation will pay tribute to Rafael Trejo González this September 30, killed this date in 1930. They’ll also remember that Julio Antonio Mella entered the University of Havana and José Antonio Echeverría took on the FEU presidency the same date but in years apart.
He said that as part of the FEU initiation process, first year student need to get acquainted with the statutes, the rules, the history and current state of Cuba’s oldest youth organization. “We should develop the youth’s sense of belonging in the early stages to make part of a group with great tradition and quite attached to the struggles of our people”, he admitted.
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