Cuban Authorities Shed Light on Potentials of Motembo Oilfield

The international media twisted a press release originally published by MEO Australia Limited Company

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-09-16 | 17:20:55 EST
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Last July 29 some international digital media twisted the press release originally issued by MEO Australia Limited by distorting the report presented to its shareholders, in which the Australian company only indicated the potential oil reserves of the area, based on the result of preliminary works from the reprocessing of available information.

Some digital media went as far as using original graphics and illustration of the document, as well as phrases out of context from interviews with MEO executives.

CUPET Deputy director Roberto Suárez Sotolongo said that none of the main specialized media in the sector, or the main press agencies in the world made reference to the press release with the same terminology used by the newspaper which twisted the facts.

The official stressed how clear was MEO’s note by recalling an excerpt of it expressing the need for exploration and assessment to determine the existence of significant amount of potential hydrocarbons with mobility.

CUPET and MEO Australia limited signed the CPC consisting of two   exploration sub-periods two years long each. The first period concluding in November 2017 includes the review and reprocessing of 100 km of existing 2D seismic, oil well data assessment in the area, collection of geochemical samples and production of 200 km of new 2D seismic.

MEO is a small company with shares in (ASX: MEO) Australia’s Melbourne stock market, for which operation reports are carried out. In addition to Block 9 in Cuba, MEO has offshore projects in Australia and New Zealand.     

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