Preventive Management Plan for Green Mussel Invasion

Green Mussel or perna viridis features as one of the exotic species invading Cienfuegos bay for over a decade

By: Glenda Boza Ibarra


2016-09-07 | 13:12:31 EST
Among the positive aspects presented by this species is their use in crafts.Among the positive aspects presented by this species is their use in crafts. Photo: Glenda Boza IbarraZoom

CIENFUEGOS. — Funded by the Global Environment Facility and the Cuban Sciences Fund, some studies are underway in Jagua bay, aiming at proposing a plan for the management of the invading green mussel or perna viridis.

Researcher Miguel Gómez Batista from the Center for Environmental Studies of Cienfuegos (CEAC) said that this is one of the world´s greatest environmental problems, and our country is not free from it.

“The main goal is to characterize the status of that organism in the bay and propose steps to face this problem.”

The researcher explained how after a decade of its discovery, there are higher levels of infestation in the northern area of the bay, especially in places where the population´s access is limited.

“Unfortunately, one of the main problems of the Jagua bay is the sewage spilled helping the perna viridis nutrition cycle.”

He insisted on the need to spread the news on that pollution, since it is a very attractive food.

It´s an organism that can be use as food source. In fact it´s the world´s second exported mussel, but the studies conducted for measuring its bacterial contamination levels and heavy metals and hydrocarbon have caused health authorities to veto its consumption.

The plan for the green mussel management constitutes today an alliance between the local government and the researchers, with the aim of reducing its damage and deriving benefits.

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