Knowledge Cuban Economics Needs

Production Management and Operations is the subject of the World Conference that gathered together more than 400 specialists from 36 countries in Havana

By: Margarita Barrios


2016-09-07 | 13:07:32 EST

September 9, 2016



The 5th World Conference on Production Management and Operations has kicked off at the  Havana´s Congress Center with the attendance of more than 400 delegates from 36 countries.


The president for the Cuban Organizing Committee José Antonio Acevedo Suárez told the press that the development for the first time of this meeting in Cuba, aims Cubans to take part of the global network for acquiring knowledge and mastery on this subject, which it has been neglected in Cuba and is now the Achilles heel in the Cuban economics.


Acevedo, also Professor at the  José Antonio Echeverria Technological University in Habana (CUJAE,) and General Coordinator for the Logistics Laboratory and Production Management at the CUJAE, noted that this subject is included in the syllabus in the  majority of the universities around the world. However,  in Cuba, it´s only taught in the course of Industrial Engineering.


«The core of the activity in any institution, company or organization is to produce or provide a service, and we want to look for efficiency outside that process. We talk about payment according the results, marketing, internal control; but the seed lays in having an optimum technological and operational organization in the process carried out.


«A hospital, a cooperative, a school ... everything produces something, and if it´s not done efficiently, not high results are obtained in spite of the much effort made in collateral activities. »


The professor explained that this is not a technique, that´s why the topic is  so complex. «They are approaches that have many models, and we must have the ability to know which one to apply. It´s not the same to organize a field crop that an operating room or  the management of procedure.


«You need to have skills, training and knowledge to know what to select in each context, how to deploy it, and don´t do it in a  bureaucratic way. It is like the mechanic who has a toolbox and take the right for carrying out the work he will develop. »


Acevedo told JR about how universities can have an influence in the use of these tools and that «Cuba will begin to be transformed when universities change in this regard because professionals having these approaches go out from universities for working in the  production. »

Translated by ESTI

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