More Turists Arriving in Cuba

Visitor arrivals grew 13 percent in July. From January to the end of July arrivals increased 11.8 percent. Nearly 259,250 visitors more than in the period January-July 2015, have been visiting Cuba

By: René Tamayo


2016-09-02 | 14:15:18 EST

Germany and the United States were, in that order, the more dynamic markets providing travelers for Cuba  last July.

The number of German visitors grew by 52.5 percent compared to the same month in 2015 (nearly 13,369 German people visited Cuba), while  21,082 US US people came to Cuba (not for making tourism which is prohibited), having a growth by 43.8 percent.

The stay and growth in the number of the German tourists, which apparentely doen’t seem much, it’s something to take seriously.

German travelers are takins as a reference for quality standards at international level. So, they don’t travel  to anywhere; they do not move by sudden enthusiasms; they are very demanding in terms of the service provided to them ...

The increase in US visitors was predictable. The reason is already known. And it will continue to grow, although not as massive as some believe; at least that is the opinion of many experts in the travel business.

However, Canada remains the largest source of tourists for Cuba. Nearly 73,681 Canadian travelers came to Cuba in July. This market reported a growth by 1.9 percent, which is positive because it reverses a trend of slowdown and even fall in arrivals from Canada due, among other reasons, to the behavior of the Canadian dollar.


The information described above are contained in the Tourism. Arrival of International Visitors, published by the Cuban National Bureau of Statistics and Information, available on its digital site

The report shows that from January to the end of July, 2016, the international tourism «grew by 11.8 percent, to reach the 2,449,274 visitors in Cuba, meaning 259,250 more than in the same period in 2015.

«In July, 301,376 visitors were received, representing 13.0 percent more than visitors received in the same month in 2015 34,655 more than in the same period in 2015. »

France was the third nation in percentual growth, having an increase of 34.8 percent in sending travelers to Cuba; followed by Mexico (26.4 percent), Spain (18.8 percent), Argentina (17.7) and England (16.3)

The arrival of the members of the Cuban Community abroad, which is the second source of emission rating, grew 4.2 percent in July always compared to the same month in 2015. Nearly 43,287 Cubans, who live permanently overseas, visited their homeland.


See below two facts:

1) From January to the end of July, nearly 259,250 international visitors more than in January-July 2015, visited Cuba.

2) Between August and December 31, 2014 and 2015 were reported record growth in the arrival of international visitors to Cuba.

Will Cuba reach the four million of international visitors this year? Maybe not, but I think we will be close, unless serious international or weather events take place in the remainder of 2016.

Assuming that record, and regarding the re-establishment of US-Cuba commercial flights (which were banned by the US Government) held last Wednesday, we must clarify that these do not necessarily denote a geometric growth in the arrival in Cuba of US citizens.

First, US citizens are the only ones in the world that are prohibited by their government, to travel to Cuba as tourists; Second: the commercial flights that have been resumed, with more bearable prices (competitive), will initially have, as major customers, those Cubans living in the United States, who, by an economic reasons, will be passages of commercial airlines, opposed to the expensive charter flights, where they used to fight into Cuba until now.

Translated by ESTI

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