Meeting of the National Council of the FEU

The National Council of the FEU, in section since last Sunday until today August 29, is celebrating the 60 years of the historic Letter from Mexico, and discussing the two documents of the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, subject to a wide people´s consultation

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2016-08-29 | 14:23:39 EST
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August 29, 2016

The Federation of University Students (FEU) is dedicating its National Council, in section since last Sunday until today August 29 in Havana, to the protagonists of the Letter from Mexico, signed by Fidel Castro Ruz and José Antonio Echeverría. The letter sealed the unity of action of the youth in the revolutionary struggle against Batista, and marked the path for the final victory. The president of this student organization Jenniffer Bello Martínez told JR that this meeting at the Convention Center in Cojimar, is celebrating the 60th anniversary of that historic pact signed on August 29, 1956, which is still calling and it´s an evidence of the unity of the Cuban people and students around the Revolution and its main challenges.


One of the themes of the National Council analyzes the documents of the Cuban Economic and Social Model for the Socialist Development and the National Plan for Economic and Social Development up to 2030: Proposal of the Nation Vision Regarding Axes and Strategic Sectors, in order to enrich these issues and improve them as it was agreed by the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. The student leader assessed as indispensable the contribution that the students can make from the committed and profound debate about these important materials.


Bello Martinez said that the members of the National Council of the FEU will also examine, between congresses, the university-society link and its contribution to the training of competent professionals who are committed with their time and country, especially the contribution that the youth organization has in that challenge.


She added that, according to the agenda, the students will review the implementation of agreements of the 8th Congress of the FEU, held on June 2013. At the same time they will update these agreements taking into account the transformations experienced in the higher education and Cuba.


When a new school year is nearly beginning, this National Council has special relevance for the FEU and the university students in general. Thus, Jenniffer Bello also said that topics related to the political and ideological work, teaching and research, the university extension and communication have been also analyzed in several working commissions in which the Pensamiento (Thought) project is based. This project is an initiative that summarizes the strategy outlined by the FEU after the Congress and it is supporting ideas for revitalizing the organization, with emphasis on the brigade.


Translated by ESTI

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