Cuba Ratifies Commitment with International Civil Aviation

Havana is hosting the 88th  CLAC meeting in the midst of great challenges to be faced by Cuba given the increase of air traffic in the Island

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-18 | 12:36:13 EST
Cuba en lo referente a la Aviación Civil InternacionalCuba en lo referente a la Aviación Civil Internacional Photo: OpcionesZoom

HAVANA.- Cuba’s Transport Deputy Minister Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila ratified the will to comply with the duties contracted by Cuba concerning International Civil Aviation, with a high level of professionalism and operational safety.       

According to a report from the Cuban News Agency (ACN) in the opening speech of the 88th meeting of the Executive Committee of Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC ) in this capital, Rodríguez Dávila highlighted the existence of this body resulting from the regional consensus in a new stage of unity within diversity.

Later, CLAC President Carlos Fernando Velázquez, called aeronautics authorities and the rest of participants from 17 countries to turn the forum into a space for cooperation of 22 member states, at the threshold of the 39th period of sessions of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Moreover, President of the Cuban Civil Aeronautics Institute Alfredo Cordero highlighted that Havana is hosting the 88th CLAC meeting in the midst of great challenges to be faced by Cuba given the increase of air traffic in the Island and a rise in passengers of 18% registered in 2015, trending upwards in 2016.

We are working hastily in the development of our airport infrastructure to meet standards with efficiency and quality, he stated.  

Alongside Latin American representatives, the forum is attended by organizations from Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arabic Emirates and the United States, among others.

One of the topics approached is the reduction of negative impact on the environment caused by this sector.

CLAC was founded in Mexico City in 1973 and is boosting the efficient, secure, protected, orderly and harmonizing sustainable development of the Latin American air transport for the benefit of all its travelers, ACN recalled.

Cuba is a founder member and recognizes its importance in the advances of the domestic civil aviation.

Translated by ESTI 

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