More Cuban Videogames in Production

These new offers will join the ones designed in Cuba
2016-08-17 | 17:21:50 EST

Two new Cuban videogames,  Villa Tesoro and Escape, are in the production stage at the Animation Studios of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), to be presented in the next International Book Fair. 

Specialist of digital communication Carmen Lidia Álvarez, said that Villa Tesoro is set in the time of the English army’s attempt to capture Havana, while Escape is a videogame related to the survival in outer space.

Targeting the population over age 12 and with the aim of encouraging the players’ general culture and mental alertness through entertainment, La Neurona, fitted for handheld devices with Android operating system, and others, like the Iphone, is gaining support from its presentation in Cuba Pavilion in early August, said Alvarez. 

Produced by the ICAIC Animation Studios, the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) and the Cuban Television, the videogame is inspired in the TV program El selecto club de la neurona intranquila, so it keeps its habitual sections. 

Management Assistant of La Neurona Isis Chaviano told JR that the producers of the videogame, directed by Taimí Tovar Oropesa were assisted by creators of the TV program to get the scripts, texts and images of  the Identíficalo section.

“It is based on the trial and error procedure as learning method with 240 questions organized in 40 levels of each type, knowledge and mental alertness, represented by two cerebral hemispheres. 

“The player has five lives, and one life is lost for every mistake. These should be gained with brain cells, which are obtained every time the answer is correct in the time available”, Chaviano said. 

Lidia Alvarez stressed that this videogame can be downloaded from the webpage, as well as the application of increased reality, wallpapers, ringtones, and the updates included by the producers. 

“We want to make a survey to get feedback from the public opinion at large, so we suggest to send a SMS to the number 888 with the text JUEGONEURONAOK followed by the letter A, B or C, assessing it as Good, Fair or Bad respectively”, said Alvarez.     

The product is intended for the population over age 12, since that’s the minimum age required for the participants in the program’s youth league.

Translated by ESTI 

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