The Heroism of Fidel in Pictures

A total of 90 images the number of years that the Commander in Chief will be next August13—reflect in synthesis the telluric energy that Fidel has always showed

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2016-08-10 | 15:28:59 EST
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August 10, 2016


«Heroes are not aged, they have history, they make history, they are the history» said the Peruvian poet Arturo Corcuera in his El perfil de Fidel (Fidel’s Profile) poem, and this statement becomes an ineludible homage to Fidel, the leader of all time, the exceptional man, who is also been honored today Tuesday by officers and employees of the Ministry of Interior (MININT), with the opening of a photographic exhibition.


A total of 90 imagesthe number of years that the Commander in Chief will be next August13— which belongs to Revolution Studios, reflect in synthesis the telluric energy that Fidel has always showed, even in the most difficult conflicts experienced by the Motherland. Thus, there photographs are. Some of them are unpublished, which show us the eternal Caguairán (a kind of hardwood tree) in its many facets and activities.


And the photos, display in one of the halls of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, show us the Commander in Chief, who is the same at the José Martí Revolution Square, at the Havana Congress Center, and at the National Assembly of the People's Power, or in a sugar harvest, visiting different places for food production, talking with farmers and their families, or just during his target practices or playing baseball.


The photos also show his visits to different sister nations like Vietnam, Jamaica and Russia, his attendance at the Eleventh World Festival of Youth and Students, at congresses of the Communist Party, his return before the crowds in 2010, having as scene the historical  Escalinata (staircase) of the University Havana, the opening of  the Vilma Espín Guillois educational complex, that he visited several times, and other images, which are being given by photographers of the Revolution Studios, the institution that Fidel himself helped to build and which has portrayed the transforming work in Cuba.


Each image, as the Chief of the Department of the Young Communist League (UJC) of the MININT Captain Raúl Suárez Valladares said, capture the heroism of a man who is an icon of those who fight during the entire life, an icon of the indispensable men. Thus, each snapshot reminds us the guerrilla Fidel, sportsman, the ordinary man, worker, friend, statesman, in contact with the people, especially with children, adolescents and young people, an inspiring Fidel at all times.

Homage to the Journalist Fidel


The Cuban Journalist Association (UPEC) will celebrate this August 11 the 90th birthday of the leader of the Revolution with the launch of the second enlarged compilation of the Fidel periodista book by Pablo de la Torriente Brau publishing house, and the launch of a photographic exhibition and cartoon stories.


The book is a compilation of notes and selection of texts, prefaced by the deceased winner of the José Martí National Journalism Prize Guillermo Cabrera Álvarez. The book is a professional rapprochement to journalism by Fidel between 1952 and 1958, including the look by prestigious colleagues like Ernesto Vera, Juan Marreno, Marta Rojas, Tubal Páez and Katiuska Blanco, an institutional note by the UPEC informed.


The sample, in which different graphic expressions and generations of journalists converge, shows landmark events in the life of Fidel, taken by paradigmatic lenses by Osvaldo Salas, Liborio Noval, Pablo Caballero, Jorge Oller, Raúl Corrales, Alberto done Korda and Jorge Agraz, among others.


Visitors who arrive to the Press Center, located on Calle 23 No. 452 Esq. I, in Vedado, could also see the gift of young cartoonists to the Commander in Chief, in this case two titles: Tiempo de cocuyos (Time of Fireflies) and Fidel, el rebelde (Fidel, the Rebel.)


Translated by ESTI

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