Cuban Troubadours and Writers Show Their Art to Caimanera Town in Guantanamo

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-08-03 | 15:01:47 EST
Marta Campos, Heidi Igualada and Augusto Blanca at the opening of the Day of the Political Song.Marta Campos, Heidi Igualada and Augusto Blanca at the opening of the Day of the Political Song. Photo: Leonel EscalonaZoom

GUANTÁNAMO.— Guitar chords and verses by Cuban troubadours and writers, who are taking part in the Fortieth National Meeting of the Political Song, arrived last Tuesday to Caimanera town, neighboring the illegal US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, the Cuban News Agency (ACN) reported.

Songs in the voices of Augusto Blanca, Tony Avila and new songwriters were warmly applauded by the audience of the town, who each year, from August 1st  to 4, await the arrival of the event for singing to the Revolution, its heroes and the honorable dreams of humanity, an event established in 1976,.

The concert also went to the Brigade de la Frontera (Border Brigade), the guardian of the borders with the illegitimate US military enclave, and Baracoa, the first Cuban Town, that will be 505 this month, where  the prominent troubadour Eduardo Sosa, one of the most expected by the audience during this edition, was welcomed.

Likewise, young local artists sang in the outlying neighborhood in the southern part of the provincial capital, and theoretical events took place at the Casa de la Historia (a center where history is compiled,) at the Pabellón Guantánamo, and the Remembranza the poster exhibition was inaugurated at the Pórtico Gallery.

The vitality of the trova work is confirmed once again in this edition of the event of the political song, the oldest of the young art in Cuba, organized by the division of the Hermanos Saiz Association in Guantánamo, which has been trying during these years to unity the best exponents of the trova movement and promoting new creators.

Among the guest personalities, the Director of the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center Victor Casaus; Olga Marta Pérez from the Union Editorial and the winner of the 2011 Literature Prize Yonnier Torres, excel at the meeting together with singers from five of the eastern provinces, Camagüey, Matanzas and Havana.  

Today Wednesday, the program includes recitals in working centers, cultural and penitenciary institutions; a literary café at the Casa de la Trova, and the Apuntes de viaje (Travel Notes) by painter Diana Balboa, who has recreated musical aspects in her work, will be launched at the Salcines Palace Art Center.

The main event of the day, the pilgrimage and concert on the eve of August 4, at the foot of the obelisk to the revolutionaries who died in Guantánamo that same day in 1957: Fabio Rosell, Gustavo Fraga, Enrique Rodriguez, Jesús Martín and Abelardo Cuza, will take place tonight, from 10 p.m. onward.

A second pilgrimage and the political activity on the Day of Martyrs of Guantánamo will be held in that sacred place, in the morning of Thursday, August 4, organized by the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba,

Translated by ESTI

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