Wild Heat

Lions, elephants, antelopes... knickknacks, trips, amusement, fun... That’s the Zoo. But beware of the heat

By: René Tamayo

Email: internac@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-07-28 | 15:36:14 EST

August 31 is the closing day of the 2016 Summer program at the National Zoo, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10: 00 am to 4: 15 pm, when the ticket booths close with the last guided tours ending at 4: 45 pm. 

The main facility of this type in the country is located in the Boyeros municipality. It can be accessed via Bejucal road at the same point of the gateway to the Parque Lenin; or via Rancho Boyeros Avenue opposite the way into Fontanar loma abajo neighborhood.

The Complex program includes guided tours or safaris across the African grassland and the Lions’ pit, as well as pedestrian walks around the infant zoo of primates and carnivores of the reproduction area, and the pit for jaguars and spotted hyenas.

There’s also small boats rental in La ballenita café, where ponies and horses are also available for rent; the colonial carriages; the photo service with animal of the collection and the offers at cafés, restaurants and points of sale.

A few months back we, JR reporters, went there on a work visit. We were pleasantly impressed on the vast and beautiful animal collection, and how cozy the place was, especially its green areas, and the catering offers.

This week we got an email from the institutional communicator of the recreational, scientific and environmental complex Armando J. Barrios Buxaderas to promote the Summer program.

We also asked him about some topics, one of them, the price range. He reiterated that the entrance fee is 5. 00 CUP for adults, and 4: 00 CUP for children aged two or older. Foreign visitors have the same fee. Pony can be rented for 5: 00 CUP; and horses for 10. 00 CUP.

About the number and state of the animal collection, since the first visit to this day, he answered: “of course there is an increase, we have around 1 200 animals, representing 127 species altogether, all around the park.”

Regarding the collection donated by the sister nation of Namibia a few years ago, he told us that “the reproduction has continued and its welfare is to prove it (...) That’s the most remarkable and commendable of the work done in a center with these characteristics, herein lie our pride and main goal.”

As we have reported about the National Zoo months ago, it is worth a visit. It’s a distraction and a good experience for children, teenagers, young folks and adults.”

However, we advise the visitors to take precautions in this hot weather and not to expose to the direct sunlight for long periods, to drink enough water (not sodas) to avoid dehydration and especially to look after the little children. This is to have fun and not to be “killed” by the heat.

Translated by ESTI   

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