Cuba and its Youth Pay Homage to the Best Friend of Friends

This Thursday, the world is celebrating, together with the Bolivarian people from Venezuela, the 62nd Anniversary of the birth of Eternal Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías

By: María Elena Álvarez


2016-07-28 | 15:54:28 EST
The special affection between Fidel and Chavez will be remembered.The special affection between Fidel and Chavez will be remembered. Photo: Juan MorenoZoom

HAVANA. — The people of Cuba, especially its youth, will be celebrating this Thursday, the 62nd Anniversary of the birth of the Bolivarian leader, with the absolute certainty that Hugo Chavez lives, that he is not gone or will pass away, and that the fight continues because many things are still undone.

As part of the homage, the Young Communist League  (UJC) and other movements and student organizations of the Cuban youth, together with the cultural project Los amigos del Amigo (The Friends of the Friend,) will hold another one of those regular meetings that since 2013 this 28 July is the third year of this event— have been taking place.

The meeting will be again at the Morro-Cabaña Historical Military Complex at the cannon shot time for celebrating the life of the eternal Commander-President of Venezuela: the Best Friend of Cuba, as Fidel rightly called him, the official for the National Committee of the UJC Pedro Ortega declared to the Cuban News Agency.

The daughter of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, Aleidita and the National Teaching Director for the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Jorge González Pérez, have confirmed their attendance to the meeting, among others, who will evoke in preset the Chavez they knew and admired.

They will also talk about the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro —near his 90th birthday and about the extraordinary friendship, the endearing relation between these two great sons of Bolivar, Martí and Our America, two essential men of the contemporary history, brothers in fight and dreams,  Pedro Ortega noted.

The Cuban youth wants to pay honor to them in their birthdays, Ortega highlighted. In addition, he said that there will be room for audiovisual and good music as in every activity of this cultural project, leads this time by Annie Garcés and her group.

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