Eyes for Looking at Fidel

On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Fidel, some workshops has made a call on the Marti’s thinking in the leader of the Revolution, his ideology and action, and the values of the foreign policy he promotes

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2016-07-14 | 17:10:42 EST
Eyes for Looking at Fidel Eyes for Looking at Fidel Photo: JRZoom

The ideology and accomplishments of the historic leader of the Revolution springs from the Apostle. So, we convene in this Workshop on Marti’s Thinking in Fidel for recognizing in the Commander the values of the most universal of Cubans.

With these words by José Martí Memorial Director Haydée Díaz Ortega and the presence of Director of Martí Program Office (OPM) Armando Hart Dávalos, this event dedicated to the 90th birthday of the leader was inaugurated, with two days of debate concluding today.

In his lecture, the advisor of the OPM, Professor Jorge Lozano called Fidel the 20th Century’s Simón Bolívar, since both are political and military genius, whose triumphs in popular wars turned them into state leaders.

It would be wise to admire Fidel with those eyes Martí admired Bolívar, he said, and summarized the way in which the Commander in Chief brought into fruition every dimension of the concept of human dignity stated by the Apostle.

No head of state has held the governability of his country in circumstances like those Fidel faced with Cuba, Lozano highlighted, and said that the Commander in Chief has managed to make the very best of human being prevail, like Martí instructed.

«Fidel assumed the Cuban reality in Marti’s way», defined the researcher, who spread his message to the youth in the audience, many of them taking part in the summer course of the Youth Marti Movement.

In the panel on Martí, Fidel and education, specialists from the Ministry of Education, Professor Horacio Díaz Pendás and Doctor Manuel Romero Ramudo, assessed both heroes as promoters of historic awareness and social educators, who bequeathed to the teachers a peculiar and efficient pedagogic didactic, able to motivate the pupils’ thought and appeal to their spirit.

Validity and Projection

«Fidel Castro is a rare character, almost unrepeatable» among the heads of state around the world, thus the outstanding intellectual Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada characterized the leader at the workshop on Fidel Castro Ruz’s thinking and work on the Cuban foreign policy, validity and projection, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of his birth.

Alarcón said that Fidel has always managed everything in detail, with insatiable culture of knowledge and sense of tireless and impassioned work, with a spirit for learning about everything from two exceptional qualities: great memory and relentless observation.

The intellectual also highlighted Fidel’s solidarity with the revolutionary struggle in Latin America and the Caribbean, his role in Angola’s independence war and in the four-pronged peace negotiations; in the migration talks with the United States; in the battle for the return of Elián González, and in the commitment of Cuba with the Puerto Rican independence.

Alarcón considered that those working on our country’s foreign relations should learn from the Commander in Chief and have the acuteness, professional capability and revolutionary passion, and also understand that there is always free time to increase knowledge.

Director of the Foreign Policy Research Center Adalberto Ronda Varona, said in his opening speech for the Workshop organized by this institution that the meeting is intended for learning from the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

One hundred participants from 11 institutions in five panels about Fidel referring to his role in the foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution, in international relations, in the friendship and solidarity movements, in the economic international relations and in the Cuba-US bilateral relations, in addition to his projections with the Russian Federation.

Among the attending personalities were Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Abelardo Moreno and Deputy of the Party Central Committee Jorge Arias.                             

 Translated by ESTI

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