Treasures of Cuba in the Backpack

A singular initiative organized by the José Martí Youth Movement, reinforces values and the defense of our national identity

By: Dorelys Canivell Canal


2016-07-01 | 17:43:24 EST

July 1st, 2016


CONSOLACIÓN DEL SUR, Pinar del Río.— “My friends’ warmth”, “my identity, my flag”, “the joy of playing dominoes under a tree or on a street corner”, “solidarity”, “the values of my homeland, my pride, my truths” and “my child’s smile”, are some of the treasures Pinar del Rio’s youth would carry in their backpacks as they stated in a set meeting for chatting about the country and their ties with it.

The third version of this initiative organized by José Martí Youth Movement, issued the question about what Cubans would carry in their backpack leaving everybody in a pensive mood: “I would take the pride of being Cuban, the history of this country, our typical sense of humor”, said UNEAC member Rolando González Cabrera, historian and researcher of the Consolación del Sur municipal museum in the opening of the meeting.

Idania Obregón Cordero stated that first of all she would rescue the gratitude to the Revolution, for giving her the chance to study, her being a young girl in the countryside. “I would take with me the feelings of equality, the memories of all the teachers I had in my childhood, those of my friends.”

The motivation for answering, as well as sharing those treasures you’d never leave behind made Roberto García González expressed that he would put in his backpack the commitment and love for his country, history and its immortals.

Chairperson of the José Martí Youth Movement in Pinar del Rio Ludey Liudys Izquierdo Carballo said that she would take many things of Cuba with her to show the true nature of this island’s inhabitants. “I would select the good things, my joy, the willingness for doing something nice, for talking with people, my favorite books.”

The youngsters agreed to take some of this land, drops of Cuban character and a dosage of jubilation; also warmth, modesty, the satisfaction for being parts of a country involved in a revolutionary process.

For around an hour these youngsters were discussing amid songs and the sound of a guitar, referring to those topics of most concern for them as part of the farming and cooperative sector in their provincial assembly, which promoted the debate on issues dealing with the delays in payments for sales to the state-run food collection centers and industry. They also referred to the price of inputs and tools; the irregularity in the trade of products by cooperatives; and problems like the irrigation system and spare parts.

Translated by ESTI    

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