Fidel is the Architect of the Cuban Cultural Policy

The President of the National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba Miguel Barnet said at the ceremony on the occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the Words to Intellectuals speech that all the cultural options Cubans have at present we owe them to Fidel

By: Aracelys Bedevia


2016-07-01 | 17:53:16 EST
Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Photo: Archivo de JRZoom

July 1st, 2016


«Fidel is the architect, the manager of the Cuban cultural policy... All the cultural options Cubans have at present we owe them to Fidel, », the President of the National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) Miguel Barnet said in the commemorative act for the 55th Anniversary of the Words to Intellectuals speech, held last Thursday at the National Library.


Barnet, the youngest of the intellectuals who were at that meeting 55 years ago, assured, right on the same stage as the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution addressed the Cuban artists and writers, that the far-reaching event marked a turning point in his life.


«Listening to it was revealing. I admired very much that man who came with a different discourse: cool, modern, direct, which reached the soul because of the extraordinary truths that were stated. Words ... has the merit of being the platform, the germ of what later was channeled. The principles outlined by Fidel in Words... were all accomplished.


«It was a bright day. Fidel is an enlightened, an exceptional being who could unite all tendencies that were gathered together there: there were members of the July 26 movement, of the Board of Directors of the Catholic Church ... » Barnet recalled, and he made reference to the circumstances that Cuba was facing up to at that time and he made a recount of what had been achieving in the field of culture.


We will reach the fulfillment of the dream of Fidel of making Cuba a country of educated men, Barnet noted. The Revolution, he said, is bigger than ourselves. «We have all the potential challenges of colonial penetration, people who dream of annexation. However, Fidel has taught us to love Cuba. And I tell those who think that we will lose the battle, that we will win it, because Fidel also taught us not to be afraid, » Barnet, the renowned writer, poet, ethnologist and writer, said


The advisor to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers Abel Prieto; the Minister of Culture Julian González; the Director of the Martí Program Office Armando Hart Dávalos, and the Director of Casa de las Américas Roberto Fernández Retamar, among others, were present at the ceremony.

Since the Words to Intellectuals speech was delivered by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on June 30, 1961, it has remained as the axle of all actions carried out in the field of culture.


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