From Thursday Cuba Max TV Channel in the US

The plan is that the signal will be transmitted 24 hours straight and will show essentially programs designed and produced in Cuba

By: Paquita Armas Fonseca


2016-06-17 | 11:28:09 EST
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June 16, 2016 22:38:56 CDT

From Thursday the Cuba Max TV channel is operating in the US, a joint effort by the RTV Comercial cCompany, the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television and the television satellite provider Dish Network and its online platform Sling, a leading company in the US market programming packages in Spanish and English.

The plan is that the signal is to be transmitted 24 hours straight and will show essentially programs designed and produced in Cuba, with the right technological features, including a good proportion in high definition so they can be appreciated in all their versatility and quality by American viewers. It is estimated it can reach thousands, given the current interest aroused by the Greater Antilles in the American public.

Vivir del cuento, the most popular humorous space in Cuba over the past decades is one of the proposals that should have good acceptance. The program run by Ignacio Hernandez, with a cast that includes Luis Silva, Omar Franco, Mario Sardinas and Andy Vazquez, along with other characters, has won the highest awards in the island due to the consistency of its script, actors direction, staging and photography, becoming a product that causes so much laughter and reflection.

Another area that will be on Cuba Max TV is Sonando en Cuba in its first season with the general direction of Rudy Mora who rescued participation programs, and managed the music of the great Cuban composers who were protagonists with young and powerful throats, who today defend the national sound heritage.

RTV Comercial, which will select the content for the new channel is also ready to transmit the multi-award winning film Conducta, by Ernesto Daranas; a UN police series, under the direction of Roly Peña, the excellent environmental proposal Habitat, by Randol Menéndez; the film Esteban, by Jonal Cosculluela, and other important sets of pieces, some made years ago but with content that can be not only entertaining but useful when it comes to providing a real and diverse Cuban image, not the distorted cliché that historically the American people has received.

For the presentation of Cuba Max TV, the cast of Vivir del Cuento has traveled to the United States, with singer and songwriter Paulito FG, musical director of Sonando en Cuba; Mayito Rivera, Larisa Bacallao and Hayla María Mompié, jury of the current season and Karen Giselle Oduardo Diaz, former winner, who participated in shows to celebrate the appearance of the new channel. And of course, to be aware of the details of what is transmitted and to transmit, Joel Ortega, Manager of RTV Comercial, an ICRT company travelled to lead the interesting project.

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