Debate about the Future of Cuba

From today until September 20 a democratic debate will be held throughout the country, in which millions of Cubans will participate directly
2016-06-17 | 11:42:23 EST

June 15, 2016 0:01:36 CDT

From today until September 20 a democratic debate, with the direct participation of millions of Cubans will be held throughout the country. This is the process of consultation with the membership of the Party and the Young Communist League, representatives of mass organizations and large sectors of society, on two documents of vital importance discussed and analyzed by the 7th Party Congress: the conceptualisation of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development and the National Plan for Economic and Social Development 2030: proposed vision of the nation, axes and strategic sectors.

They are not the result of improvisation, but the result of a collective elaboration, under the leadership of the Party, with the participation of university professors, scholars, researchers, economic and social sciences and government officials and Party. Both texts were discussed in meetings of the Political Bureau in two plenary sessions of the Central Committee, subject to consultation of all deputies of the National Assembly of People's Power, several thousand more people, and then thoroughly examined in Congress.

Under the maxim of the indissoluble link between the party and the masses and their confidence in the ability of these, Congress approved in principle both documents and agreed to instruct the Central Committee to conduct a consultation process with the clearly defined purpose of enriching and perfect them.

Obviously, as the Central Report to Congress reflected, "they are encompassing and highly complex documents that set the course of the Cuban revolutionary process, the Party and society forward in building a prosperous and sustainable socialism".

They have worked hard and committed resources to ensure that every militant, every citizen has access to the documents; to that end 680,800 copies of a 32-page tabloid containing the documents were printed for distribution to the grassroots organizations and groups which will be discussed, and also another 200,000 earmarked for sale. Digital sites of the Party, the Granma newspaper and also the Cubadebate website will published them, which facilitates their study in an increasingly computerized society, and makes it possible to reach the tens of thousands of Cuban collaborators woking abroad.

These steps will contribute to the discussions being broadly democratic, rich in content, practical ideas and projections.

The development of the Concept fulfils the Target 65 approved by the First National Conference of the Party. It clearly collects the theoretical basis and the essential characteristics of the economic and social model to which we aspire as a result of the upgrade process, and for that reason has the extraordinary value to act as a theoretical and conceptual guide to serve for the construction of socialism in Cuba.

Its content is synthesized in the Vision of the Nation (in other words: the state to be achieved), defined as a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable.

As explained in Congress, the finished drawing up of the National Development Plan until 2030 could not be reached at that event, because of its technical complexity, which must be reached next year. Thus, its bases will be discussed, namely in the Vision of the Nation, axes and strategic sectors.

Both documents ─The Conceptualization and Plan─ are closely interlinked. If the first expresses the overall goal we set for ourselves, precisely synthesized in the definition of the Vision of the Nation, the second is the strategy to achieve it.

It was five years ago when the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy were subjected to debate, the opinion issued by each participant in the meetings, militant or not, were taken into consideration. To register them and process them reliably the necessary organizational measures have been taken.

As agreed by the Congress, that version will be submitted to the Central Committee for final approval and sent for analysis to the National Assembly of People's Power, the legislative body which corresponds to give it legal value.

For the active participation of millions of Cubans, militant or not, summoned to this consultation, it is essential to strengthen the consensus on the future of Cuba. As our First Secretary said in the closing speech of the Congress; "In a case of this nature is essential to achieve the conscious support of the vast majority, listening, reasoning is essential and taking into account the views of the membership and the people in general".

Young people should be aware that in this debate is the future of the country; hence the importance of their necessary and active participation.

Faced with this broad national discussion that is beginning, there is no shortage of enemies, sceptics, and hesitant, which echo the slanderers campaigns made from the outside, against the Party and the Revolution, and those who dream of returning to a company subject to the desire and Yankees claims.

But above that end, prevails the confidence of the vast majority of people in the Revolution and its single party, their contribution to enrich the content of the two defining documents charting the country's destiny.

The completion of this process will be a significant step in the fulfilment of the main tasks of the Party, enunciated by Comrade Raul: the development of the national economy, the struggle for peace, unity and ideological firmness.

Today Fidel’s words at the final session of Congress are more than present: "We will undertake the journey and will refine what we must improve, with the utmost loyalty and a united force, like Martí, Maceo and Gomez in an unstoppable journey." The people of Cuba will win.

Translated by ESTI

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