Fidel Highlights Antiracist Commitment

The leader of the Cuban Revolution has managed to reach the deepest roots of an ancient problem of mankind

By: Odalis Riquenes Cutiño


2016-06-16 | 15:05:05 EST
SANTIAGO DE CUBA.- The social thought of the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, his understanding of the root causes of Cuban racial problems and his continuing commitment to confronting any form of discrimination, were highlighted in this eastern city by researcher Zuleika Romay, president of the Cuban Book Institute.
During her lecture A look at the racial issue now, given as part of the ‘The mambisado black and mulatto transcend the Republic’, event which recently met in the Heroic City, the intellectual illustrated the repeated efforts of the Commander in Chief to channel policies which make possible the dream of social justice and equal opportunities for all citizens, which should characterize a socialist society.
"Cuba still needs the Fidelista style of political practice," said the also Casa de las Américas Prize winner, who alluded to how Fidel, using the shield of his historical authority and the sword of his intelligence, was able to deploy his philosophy of equality from the awareness of the origins of the racial problem: the slave system which emerged within the Cuban nation and its cultural and sociological burdens.
With the participation of prestigious researchers, including Dr. Olga Portuondo, Historian of the city of Santiago de Cuba, and Rene Gonzalez Barrios, president of the Institute of History of Cuba, the academic exchange drew attention to the role of officers and soldiers of African descent  who participated massively in the emancipating deeds and, later, in the context of the neo-colonial republic, were segregated by racial prejudice and their effort s ignored.
It emerged in panels, conferences and exchanges of the workshop, that blacks and mulattos, who were mostly in the fields of the revolution, won a national identity which highlighted the mixture which we Cubans are and the on-going commitment to the future to continue making revolution with all that make up this multi-ethnic melting pot we are.
At the event several texts related to this subject were presented.
Translated by ESTI

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