Genuine Cities of Che

On the 88th anniversary of the birth of the heroic guerrilla it is worth evoking two city environments that have in common the immense privilege of being involved in the history of this universal paradigm

By: Nelson Garcia Santos


2016-06-14 | 17:32:47 EST
Friends from around the world arrive every day to Santa Clara to pay tribute to CheFriends from around the world arrive every day to Santa Clara to pay tribute to Che Photo: Arelys María Echavarría / AINZoom
SANTA CLARA, Villa Clara.- Today is the Guevarian day par excellence. With renewed vigor, his mark and image overflow either in a corner of the South American jungle or in a crowded city. Wherever it is necessary to seek justice, unfortunately there are still so many places, Che Guevara accompanies those claiming a better life.
This happy day when, the man who became a paradigm for millions of people around the world, was born. It was with words and deeds, always ready to lead by example, although it cost him his life.
On the 88th anniversary of his birth it is worth evoking the cities of Rosario and Alta Gracia, Argentina, and Santa Clara, which have in common, the immense privilege of being inseparable from the history of the Heroic Guerrilla.
No doubt he loved them dearly. In the first he was born on June 14, 1928, but later the family moved to Buenos Aires. Then they recommended going to live in Alta Gracia, with a more favorable climate for an asthmatic child's condition.
In Rosario they took the first picture: in the Independence Park, the baby is with his parents, Celia de la Serna and Ernesto Guevara Lynch.
The city has a sculpture of Che Guevara, raised on the 80th anniversary of his birth, thanks to the donation of bronze by the community. In addition, on October 24, 2002 he was declared an Illustrious Citizen post mortem by the municipality, and in June 2010 the Week was established in Rosario in commemoration of his birth.
When in 1952 the young Ernesto Guevara decided to tour Latin America with his friend Alberto Granado, he included the city of Rosario. That moment was recorded in photographs, where they are seen in the Independence Park.
Chavez and Fidel
In Alta Gracia he lived 12 years with his parents and siblings, in different buildings of the city, but where the museum dedicated to him is today, he lived the longest.
The historic leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro and Commander Hugo Chavez paid a visit to the museum, where they met with friends of Che. There on show are family photos, Ernesto Guevara’s doctor diploma and report cards. also a chess set and the first golf clubs used by him, the replica of the bike that travelled 4,000 kilometers, a map with itineraries made in their different journeys and the last letters written by him to his parents, children and Fidel.
The visit of the two leaders, who were received with enthusiasm by the population, made history. The two leaders were photographed next to a bronze statue showing Guevara as a child and also with his friends.
Museum authorities of Alta Gracia and people dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Heroic Guerrilla in Rosario maintain working relations with the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Sculptural Complex in this city.
They arrive from around the world
Che Guevara's relationship with Santa Clara began in the midst of gunpowder and shooting in December 1958. That empathy, born in difficult times, grew over the years.
Here in the battle for the liberation of this city, his military genius showed; after heading to Havana, he returned again and again. Many were happy to see him walk through the streets and liven up a building or a workplace.
This city has become the place where they come to pay tribute to Che from all over the world, from his fellows in courageous battles, heads of state, renowned intellectuals and even the humblest of beings.
Translated by ESTI

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