Against Prejudice

The debates on the first day of the 12th Latin-American Meeting on Gender and Communication revolved around the women’s involvement in the economy, the rural environments and the media 

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2016-05-11 | 17:02:44 EST
Against PrejudiceAgainst Prejudice Photo: Roberto RuizZoom
In order to keep the contribution to the society at an inclusive and equitable manner for men and women, the debate and analysis on these issues needs a higher media coverage, member of the politburo and General Secretary of the Cuban Women’s Federation Teresa Amarelle Boué told JR.
Minutes after the opening of the 12th Latin American Meeting on Gender and Communication: Crises, gender, communication: an invisible triad, which is holding sessions in Havana, Amarelle Boué said that this is about men and women for a more just, equitable and non-exclusive society, since joint participation is the only way to the achievement of the desired development.
At the Kcho Estudio Romerillo cultural center, venue of this event, professionals of communication from several countries like Cuba, Mexico, Chile and the Dominican Republic shared their work experiences and unveiled the good practices they have implemented in the media.
Likewise they pointed out those negative examples which highlight the perennial necessity of watching over the equality between men and women in areas like sports, self-employment, audio-visuals, rural spaces and even household management.
Interesting advertisements advocating a more inclusive outlook were spread with the aim of reaching more people and raising the public awareness, since the majority has only been broadcast through the provincial media. They also shared anecdotes about women who have changed the environment where they are living with their defiant behaviour and against prejudice.
At the opening, Vice-president of the Cuba’s Journalist Union Bárbara Doval Martínez, highlighted the importance of these events in Cuba’s new context and especially as a space for approaching the actions around the country, with the particularities of each territory, and called to keep watching over the current situation of women in the world, because their rights are ignored in many spaces.
The participants agreed that the inclusion through journalism is one of the ways for raising awareness in society,. hence the importance of this front as a leader of the change in gender perception. 
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