Havmun 2016

The sessions of the 21st  United Nations Model,  HAVMUN 2016, began last Tuesday and will extend until next Friday

By: Susana Gómes Bugallo

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2016-03-31 | 20:14:10 EST
The sessions of the 21st  United Nations Model,  HAVMUN 2016, began last Tuesday and will extend until next Friday.The sessions of the 21st United Nations Model, HAVMUN 2016, began last Tuesday and will extend until next Friday. Photo: Roberto RuizZoom
More than 20,000 signatures of young people around the world were gathered in recent months, before the sessions of the 21st Model of the United Nations, HAVMUN 2016, in support of this event for the proclamation of the Community of Latin-American and Caribbean States, and the Latin-America and Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

The signatures will be given to the General Assembly of HAVMUN 2016, scheduled for April 1st , after the beginning last Tuesday  of the working commission of the university academic event that is reaching 20 years of uninterrupted celebrations, and is devoted this time to the 70th anniversary of the UN; the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, after its 40th anniversary of its entry into force; the creation of the organs of People´s Power; the half century of the Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students (OCLAE) and the 90th birthday of Fidel.

This will be a week for discussions on social policies and realities of nations in the world, including debates where participants can show their political culture and oratory power, said the HAVMUN 2016 Secretary General Eduardo Pérez Otaño, who highlighted the possibility of the event to being a learning point for young people who aspire to a world of peace.

This is a space of exchange on world issues, especially those affecting youth, the Rector of Havana University Gustavo Cobreiro highlihted and he also urged speaking up for the ethics and professionalism that corresponds to the university students.

The recognition of institutions and organizations that have been contributing to this event also took place in the Aula Magna. These institutions are the UN Cuban Association, the Office of the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations, the Havana University, the Raul Roa Garcia Institute of International Relations, the Federation of University Students, the OCLAE, and Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

More than 200 delegates from Cuba and countries like Mexico, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Russia are gathered together at the meeting, convened under the topic of Peace as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. In addition, a new procedure manual which is more attached to the United Nations official model will be launched, and a French commission will debut in this edition, adding three of the UN languages.

The opening lecture was given by Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada, who shared with the participants his knowledge on the functioning of the UN, and he said that he would have appreciated a lot the opportunity of being prepared in the way the youth is prepared at present.

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