Straightening the Crooked Path of Collection

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura highlighted that exaggerations in key agricultural production require more control of what goes to the population through markets, squares and outlets

By: Haydee Leon


2016-02-29 | 17:47:05 EST
Straightening the Crooked Path of CollectionStraightening the Crooked Path of Collection Photo: Roberto SuárezZoom
Guantánamo.- The urgency to contract more than 85 percent of production in all organizational forms of agriculture, including land given in usufruct, and straightening the crooked path of the gathering, was highlighted by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Second Secretary the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The also Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers explained that earlier this year, first drought and afterwards a prolonged period of rains caused damage in the cultivation of rice, to the extent that over 100,000 tonnes of extra imports of that food.

He further mentioned damage to crops of potatoes, corn and vegetables, mainly in tomatoes, which requires more control than they should to reach the population through markets, squares and state outlets at affordable prices.

During a working meeting to assess these issues here, the political leader stressed that the high demand of the population and high prices generated speculation, today it is not to produce a little more, but much more.

He considered that the problem of high prices of supply and demand is not the intermediary, a legal and necessary figure, but the rising cost of goods for speculation with the needs of the people.

Moreover, he said, they must be prepared to increase planting, as they have improved the assurances of clothing, footwear, pesticides and equipment such as tractors, with a view to improving care for the men who work the land, and that should have a production answer in the short term.

The increase in the price the state pays to the producer in some crops is also notable, he said. In the branch of cocoa, for example, from the 200 pesos per quintal few months ago rose to 392 pesos, and the same happened with the coffee and coconut crops of which this province has the greatest wealth of the island.

Being informed about the behaviour of the contracting of agricultural production in Guantanamo, which does not exceed 70 percent, Machado Ventura said that it is the lowest in the country so far this year.

The leader knew, however, of the substantial increase in collection points in the ten municipalities of the province, including places with difficult access not traditionally contracted or everything not reaching the gathering points.

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