Sales of Construction Supplies Increase

Domestic Trade Minister Mary Blanca Ortega assured that a sustained increase of these products has been registered in the last four years

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-02-05 | 15:06:47 EST
Sales of Construction Supplies IncreaseSales of Construction Supplies Increase Photo: Roberto SuárezZoom
SANTA CLARA, Villa Clara.— The sales of construction supplies in the country  exceeded 2,300 million pesos last year, representing an important boost to the building up and repair of the housing stock. This was announced during the National Act for the Trade and Catering Worker’s Day.

Domestic Trade Minister Mary Blanca Ortega, told the press that a sustained increase of these products has been maintained in the last four years, although it is still below demand.

Ortega highlighted that 40% of the supplies sold were destined to guarantee the means needed either for the repair or for the construction of homes for people receiving subsidies.

Among the products sold are cement, steel rods, fiber cement tiles and corrugated iron sheets, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, paint, plastic elements for pipes and hydraulic and sanitary connections. In addition to blocks, floor tiles and terrazzo, concrete tie-beams and water containers, among others.

Villa Clara province, with 275 million pesos in sales, ratified its first position in the country, earning the national recognition.

During the act , the Secretary General of the National Trade and Catering Workers Union Pedro Víctor Simón, recognized the good work of Villa Clara, winner of the national emulation.

For the occasion, Trade Business Group Director in the province Digna Morales Molina, received a recognition for the workers of the sector from the politburo in the province, awarded by its first secretary Julio Lima Corzo. Likewise, a group of outstanding affiliates of that union received the 75th Anniversary of Cuba’s Workers Union hallmark.

The act was attended by Vice-president of the Councils of State and Ministers Ulises Rosales del Toro; the speaker of the People’s Power Assembly in Villa Clara and other leaders of the Party, the Government and other mass organizations. 

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