Cuban Pioneers Remember the Apostle on his Birthday

Young representatives of the José Martí Pioneer Organization paid tribute to National Hero

By: Juventud Rebelde


2016-01-29 | 21:19:01 EST
Young representatives of the José Martí Pioneer Organization paid tribute to National HeroYoung representatives of the José Martí Pioneer Organization paid tribute to National Hero Photo: Abel PadrónZoom
HAVANA -About 200 members of the José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM) of the capital paid tribute on Thursday January 28 to the National Hero on the 163rd anniversary of his birth, in the central ceremony in the Memorial Plaza of the Revolution.

According to a wire from the Cuban News Agency, the youngsters were accompanied by Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Secretariat; Margarita Mc Pherson, Deputy Minister of Education; Aymara Guzman Carrazana, president of the OPJM, and Yuniasky Crespo Baquero, first secretary of the National Committee of the UJC.

Each January 28 we celebrate the anniversary and find ways to make our children learn about the Apostle through games, plays of his works, or disguising as him or his characters, Guzman Carrazana told reporters.

She added that in all the municipalities of the country acts, parades and Marti floats, with the participation of children from pre-school to José Martí and Moncada pioneers were performed.

Marco Antonio Ramos Fernandez, a sixth grader from the Frank Pais Garcia elementary school, told ACN of the importance of participating in the act, because it allows remembering the life and work of the Apostle, all he did for the children and his way of expressing great fondness not just for his child, but for all children.

During the ceremony, the president of the OPJM read out the call for 55th anniversary of the organization, which is dedicated to the historic leadership of the Revolution and the heroes and martyrs of the homeland who cast their lot to achieve these days.

Today begins an assembly process that will start with the awards and will conclude with the celebration of the National Assembly, on July 15, 16 and 17, and will have three main topics: vocational training, substance abuse and inappropriate behaviour and the adjustments in the Cuban educational system, said Guzman Carrazana.

The main challenges of the organization,she said, are forming informal discussion spaces and that the children come out of school into the community and involve everyone in the process of our anniversary.

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