Pilot Plan for Direct Cuba-USA Postal Service.

Press Release from the Cuban delegation to the negotiations to re-establish a direct mail service between Cuba and the United States

By: Juventud Rebelde

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2015-12-12 | 19:07:46 EST
USA, 11 December 2015.- On Thursday December 10, representatives of the governments of Cuba and the United States held a new round of talks on a direct mail service between the two countries. The Cuban delegation was headed by the Ambassador of Cuba in the United States, Jose Ramon Cabañas Rodriguez and the US executive director for International Relations of the United States Postal Service, Lea Emerson, published the Cubaminrex site.

Both sides agreed to re-establish a direct mail service between the two countries through the implementation of a pilot plan for the transportation of mail that will begin in the coming weeks and is expected to be instituted permanently in the future.

After more than five decades without having this important service, direct mail and parcel shipments between Cuba and the United States will be available to the citizens of both countries at a date to be announced when the technical, operational and security details for its implementation are finalized.

During the meeting, the Cuban delegation presented examples of the damage caused to the blockade by the United States to the transactions of Correos de Cuba Grupo Empresarial.

The talks were held in a friendly, professional and constructive atmosphere, said the note.

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