World Pacifists Demanding Return of Guantanamo

The exhibition ‘A world of peace is possible’ was inaugurated in the Mariana Grajales Square of this city, before the start of the working sessions of the Executive Committee of the World Peace Council

By: Lisván Lescaille Durand


2015-11-21 | 17:19:15 EST
World Pacifists Demanding Return of Guantanamo World Pacifists Demanding Return of Guantanamo Photo: Lisván Lescaille DurandZoom
GUANTANAMO,- "It was here that the US imperialists put their feet to threaten, abuse and attack the sovereignty of the Cuban people," declared Maria Do Socorro Gomes, president of the World Peace Council (WPC), in the preamble of the meeting Executive Committee of that body, which is meeting in this province.

The meeting comes in a historical context, of high political and symbolic sensitivity, said the pacifist leader.

She argued that for that stretch of 117 kilometers of territory illegally occupied against the will of the people of Cuba, began the militaristic, warmongering and interventionist campaign of imperialism that now threatens the survival of all mankind.

Do Socorro Gomes stressed the commitment of all members of the CMP - which is part of the Cuban Movement for Peace (WPC) - to strengthen and broaden the struggle against military bases, starting with the enclave in Guantanamo.

About a dozen representatives of peace movements in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, are coordinating, from yesterday until Saturday, actions to claim the closure of the military base in Guantanamo and demand its return to the real owners, and advocate an end to imperialist interference.

The WPC meeting comes at a time of great gravity for the bloody consequences that generate terrorism and has its glaring expression in the attacks on a Russian plane with over 200 passengers and attacks in which about 130 people died in the Parisian streets, said the anti-war leader.

Prior to the opening of the working sessions, the poster exhibition ‘A world of peace is possible’ was inaugurated, in the Mariana Grajales Square of this city, sponsored by the Cuban Association of Social Communicators (ACCS) and the Cuban Peace Movement (MCP).

Matilde Marquez, president of the ACCS in the province, said the exhibition is composed of 46 prize winning works from the over 120 entered in the competition sponsored by that institution and the MCP.

The exhibition runs till after January 1st.2016, in tribute to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, with an extensive program of presentations in Guantanamo workplaces and institutions before being taken to other provinces, said Marquez.

"It's about raising awareness, appealing to the best values of people and moving to anti-war thought to bequeath a peaceful environment to our children," she said.

Translated by ESTI

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