Angola is Grateful to Cuba for its Help

The Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos showed the gratitude of his country to the Vice-President of the Cuban Council of State Salvador Valdés Mesa, who attended the commemorative acts for the 40th Anniversary of the independence of Angola.

By: Juventud Rebelde


2015-11-13 | 16:05:04 EST
Angola is Grateful to Cuba for its HelpAngola is Grateful to Cuba for its Help Photo: PLZoom
LUANDA.— In the name of the Angola people and Government, President José Eduardo dos Santos was grateful for the participation of Cuba during the heroic deeds for the independence and later reconstruction of Angola.

Diplomatic groups told Prensa Latina that such gratitude emerged when the Cuban delegation, led by the Vice-President of the Cuban Council of State Salvador Valdés Mesa, attending the commemorative acts for the 40th Anniversary of the national independence, was welcomed by Dos Santos at the Ciudad Alta.

In a fraternal and friendly atmosphere, the Angolan president praised the historic relations between both countries since the moment when the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and President Agostinho Neto decided that the Cuban military would help the People’s Armed Forces of Angola’s Liberation.

Dos Santos expressed recognition in the fact that «it’s worth all the sacrifice» because the Angolan people have a nation today.

For his part, Valdés Mesa conveyed the greetings sent by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro and President Raúl Castro, the leaders of the Cuban Communist Party, the Cuban Government and people, to the Armed People’s Forces of Angola’s Liberation (MPLA.)

Early in the morning, Valdés Mesa paid tribute to the Cuban international combatant Raúl Díaz-Argüelles, who died at the Battle of Ebo, on December 11, 1975, a month after of the emancipation promulgated by Neto.

«Like every Cuban who comes to this sister land, we fulfill the duty of paying tribute to Commander Raúl Díaz-Argüelles,» said Valdés Mesa, and after placing the floral offering at the Alto Las Cruces Cemetery in the capital, where the mortal remains of  Commander Raúl Díaz-Argüelles had been laid, Valdés Mesa assured: « This  modest homage is also devoted to all the Cuban internationalists who together with the Angolan combatants fought to defend the sovereignty of Neto’s motherland. »

He assured, in the presence of supportive friends, diplomats, military men and Cuban collaborators, that Commander Raúl Díaz-Argüelles is evoked «with great solemnity, deserved honor and respect as his heroic and altruist example lives on in the memory of the people of Cuba and Angola. »

Some minutes before the speech by the Cuban leader, the Secretary General for the Angolan-Cuban Friendship Association, Fernando Jaime, had said that «thought Argüelles was buried in this cemetery, he continues alive together with us because good and true friends are forever. »
Fernando Jaime described the friendship between Angola and Cuba as holy because the gesture of internationalism of the Cuban people has no comparison in the world. «And, that solidarity showed along 40 years is the reason for our presence here to pay homage to Argüelles, a symbol of Cuba, » he highlighted.

Likewise, Vice-President Valdés Mesa, who arrived in Luanda last Tuesday 10, and concluded his visit to Angola yesterday, met with a group of Cuban collaborators, a representation of the nearly 4 000 who are contributing to the development of Angola.

The Cuban delegation who took part in the celebration, and returned back to Havana yesterday was made up by the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Division General Antonio Enrique Lussón; Major General (R) Rafael Moracén; the Deputy Minister for Foreign Relations Ana Teresita González and Cuban Ambassador Gisela García.

Among the people who attended the homage paid to the international combatant were the Angolan Minister for Agriculture Pedro Canga and the first Cuban ambassador to Luanda Oscar Oramas.

Translated by ESTI

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