Democratic Youth Revitalizes Struggle, 70 Years On

The institution that currently holds the best feelings of young people on Earth has grown for the sake of peace, friendship and the struggle of the peoples for a better world

By: Yuniel Labacena Romero


2015-11-10 | 13:52:01 EST
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The unity that was born in that historic fall of 1945, when the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) was created -after the Second World War- and now holds the best feelings of young people on Earth, has increased for the sake of peace, friendship and the struggle of peoples for a better world.

That certainty accompanied Monday's inauguration in Havana of the 19th General Assembly of the Federation, the organization that even when the USSR was dismantled and the so-called Eastern bloc, lowered the flags for which it was founded in the name of millions of young people of the world, and proclaimed the desire to live as brothers and to avoid humanity ever having to be exposed to the dangers of a conflict like that again.

Nikolas Papademetriou, president of WFDY, let them know this at the opening of the meeting, noting that the Federation is considered at present the greatest exponent of the aspirations and ideals of a peaceful world without imperialist exploitation, where people live free and are the true masters of their future.

"We should be proud of WFDY, which throughout its history has been in favour of the peoples fighting for their rights in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East," said the youth leader. He added that in its seven decades of existence, the organization is proud of the movement of World Festivals of Youth and Students, the first of which events was held in Prague in 1947.

He noted that this 19th General Assembly will constitute a milestone in the history of the organization, as such urgent issues as the widespread economic crisis in the capitalist countries, foreign military interventions in nations and waves of refugees fleeing war will be addressed.

To welcome the more than 130 delegates representing 62 organizations and 35 countries who have come to Havana, Yuniasky Crespo Baquero, first secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communists League (UJC), stressed that it was a great pleasure to receive them here. "In our beloved island, immersed in an important stage in its history, in which the strength of young people and their commitment to the historical continuity of the Revolution and socialism are strengths that we will never abandon."

She recalled that the Assembly has a special significance, as it coincides with the celebration this November 10, of the 70th anniversary of the WFDY. "We welcome this commemoration with the certainty that we strengthen and increase our collective actions to revitalize the struggle of the youth of the Left, so necessary in a world that seeks to sow selfishness and inequality and unsustainable patterns of life."

Crespo Baquero said that for that purpose the movement of world festivals must continue to play a vital role. They were rescued at the suggestion of Fidel, when he summoned the young Cubans not to abandon the spirit of these events, when it seemed to be extinguished after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe. "For our beloved and undefeated Commander we send this greeting from our General Assembly," she said.

A conference, an exhibition

The International Committee of the Tenth Congress of the UJC also met on Monday, where Susely Morfa González, second secretary of the National Committee of the organization, told delegates and guests to the 19th General Assembly of the main results of the meeting held last July and about the work on projects which the political vanguard youth has in the country.

That space was used by representatives of countries like the United States, Palestine and Argentina, among others, to ratify their solidarity with the Cuban people, on issues related to the US blockade against Cuba and the return of the territory illegally occupied in Guantánamo.

The UJC reaffirmed its commitment to continue supporting the youth of the world, whatever the circumstances or future challenges. In this regard Yusuam Palacios Ortega, president of the Marti Youth Movement, said young Cubans and the world have to stay connected with the moment and the time we are living.

"We have to fight for a humanity free from imperialism, injustice, wars and threats, and to face all that we have to cling to the knowledge of our history, as this is critical to saving humanity and enhancing its revolutionary struggle," he said.

The exhibition 70 years for a better world, opened in the Hotel Altahabana - where delegates and guests to the 19th WFDY General Assembly are staying- serves as a prelude to the working sessions of the organization. Participants appreciated a selection of 30 posters that have represented over seven decades the struggles and more pressing demands of the Federation. Many of these events are now distant in time, but are remembered for how much they have given young people in defence of just causes.

At the close of this introduction the young people participated in a meeting with CDRs in neighbourhoods of the capital. This Tuesday they will attend a cultural gala at the National Museum of Fine Arts, which will star the children's theatre company La Colmenita, and hold a meeting of solidarity with Cuba in the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp.

A meeting between friends

As part of the 19th General Assembly of the WFDY, delegations of the youth of Cuba and Vietnam held a meeting in which the historic ties between young people and peoples of both nations in their struggle for peace and the ideals of progress of the world were ratified.

We are united by ties of friendship, history, gratitude and solidarity, said Yuniasky Crespo Baquero, who sent a big thank you to the Vietnamese friends for all their support and steadfastness they had with Cuba and the Revolution, even in the most difficult moments.

After providing information about the tasks that the Cuban youth movement has after its 10th Congress and the progress of updating the economic model of the island, she conveyed the desire of our youth to assimilate experiences from its counterpart in the care of youth in the non-state sector and the popular mobilization for socio-economic development, among other issues.

Nguyen Dac Vinh, first secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth, highlighted the commitment of the new generations with the socialist project of that country, and the example of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution and great friend of Vietnam, Fidel Castro, for which he has always supported the cause of the sovereignty of the Asian country.

After congratulating the UJC on its achievements in the Tenth Congress, as well as the return of the Five Heroes, and thinking of the integration process they are living in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Vietnamese leader praised the aspiration for closer ties with our youth through bilateral cooperation programs.

Both youth leaders reiterated their will to continue to intensify and develop relationships and exchanges of delegations and work together in international fora and organizations of which both organizations are members, especially in the WFDY, which they agreed to strengthen.

Translated by ESTI

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