Documents About Guerrilla Fighter Tania Donated to Cuba

Professor on Museology at Berlin Technical College in Germany, who fulfilled a wish by Tania’s mother Nadia

By: Nelson García Santos


2015-09-08 | 13:22:52 EST
SANTA CLARA, Villa Clara.—  The widest and most complete collection of personal belongings of Tamara Bunker Biden was donated to the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Sculpture Complex, of this city, where his remains alongside his comrades’ in Bolivia are kept.

The donation was made by Professor on Museology  at Berlin Technical College in Germany Doctor Oliver Rump, who fulfilled a wish held by Nadia, mother of Guevara’s comrade Tania who was ambushed and  killed on August 31, 1967 in Bolivia.

Among the valuable personal belongings, kept in 56 boxes, there are documents, photographs showing different moments of her life and her family´s , an extensive correspondence  for and by Tania, her degree title and identity documents used by her.

In addition, writings by Tamara Bunke on different topics, diaries, textbooks, personal cards, journalistic reports, flags, records and movies, all related to her own, Director of the benefitted institution Mayra Romero Bermúdez pinpointed in her report.

Oliver Rump revealed that during a year they worked on the compilation and classification of documents, aided by the German brigade of solidarity with Cuba. He also spoke about the work carried out in that country to spread the knowledge about life and work of guerrilla woman Tania.

The donation was made prior to the opening of the exhibition Tamara Bunke entre el mito y la realidad (Tamara Bunke between myth and reality) at Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Sculpture Complex. The exhibition, well attended up to the moment, will be open until late this year and promotes an approach to the legacy of that women in the revolutionary struggle.
Translated by ESTI

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