A Route of History and Tribute

Knowing historic passages of Yaguajay where a major battle for the revolutionary triumph was fought, turned out to be one of the main attractions during the first day of the Bolivar-Marti tribute route

By: Greidy Mejia and Lisandra Guerra Gómez

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2015-08-07 | 15:08:25 EST
SIMON BOLIVAR, Yaguajay, Sancti Spíritus.- About thirty young people are participating, for the first time, in a homage route inspired by the ideas and spirit of Commanders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, promoted by Marti Youth Movement (MJM) until August 9.

Under the name of From Bolívar to Martí, attendees on the historical walk, which started from the Simon Bolivar council house, municipality of Yaguajay, made a first stop after the start of the tour in the Camilo Cienfuegos historic complex, where they got to know passages of the history of Cuba related to the Apostle and honest Latin American leaders, and exchanged knowledge with personalities about the past of the Spiritus northern territory and in particular on the actions here of the Lord of the Vanguard, who led a major battle for the revolutionary triumph in these lands.

The president of the Marti Youth Movement in Sancti Spiritus, Yudelquis Meneses González stressed that to go on that route is a motivation to incorporate other members of the organization, which promotes among new generations the study, research and dissemination of the life and the work of the National Hero of Cuba.

He added that in this way the work of MJM is consolidated, by delving into the past of the island.
The young protagonists of the tour took part in recreational and cultural actions as it passed through the Yaguajay communities, witnessing the first day of the tribute route.

When they left Yaguajay the attendees continued their way through the northern circuit to the province of Villa Clara, concluding the trip on Sunday in the Matanzas city of Marti.

Translated by ESTI

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