Raúl Welcomes ECLAC Executive Secretary

Raúl Welcomes ECLAC Executive Secretary

During the meeting, they expressed the common will to continue to deepen the cooperation ties between Cuba and ECLAC
18 hours ago

Another Step Forward Against the Ebola

The technical meeting of the specialists and directors of the countries that belong to the ALBA-TCP is being held today in Havana to weight up the strategies for minimizing the introduction and propagation of the terrible virus in the region 
18 hours ago

Banana Galore

Initially La Cuba planned to sell at 70 pesos per quintal and in the summer months agreed with Acopio at to sell at 40, a figure close to the 38 pesos-the cost of production at the moment, for which they collected five million, taking into account the 900,000 pesos lost not marketing the 690 tons.
The high prices and difficulties in contracting have become an obstacle to food production in the country. This is proved by the loss of 690 tons of bananas in Ciego de Avila
2 days ago

Cuba Wont Give in to the Blockade

Damages caused by the blockade have been exposed in detail by deputies, officials, students, and professors during a parliamentary audience. The world’s Parliamentary Assemblies are called on to support the Resolution that will be voted on in the United Nations
5 days ago

The Embrace of an Island

The Cuban president attended the farewell of our heroes, those who will be arriving this morning in West Africa to be precisely at the epicentre of the global fight against Ebola.
Raul sees off medics who left for Liberia and Guinea Conakry
7 days ago

Cuba to Present Project Portfolio for Foreign Investment

The project portfolio will be presented on November 3, one day after the opening of the fair, authorities of the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment have announced during a meeting prior to the event.
For its high level of information and detail, the project portfolio will serve as a guide for the companies wishing to invest in the country
7 days ago

Cuba seeks coherence and unity in the legal order

Homero Acosta
Cuba is currently working in the creation and the modification of several legal regulations
1 month ago

Cuba Eliminates Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer

The total destruction of 130 tons of chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs) produced during the Energetic Revolution by the deactivation of refrigerators and air-conditioners is due to be completed in just over 20 years
16 days ago

Cuba, the First Country to Answer the Call of the WHO

Highest authorities of the Health World Organization (WHO) thanks the solidarity of Cuba and President Raúl Castro, during the meeting held in Geneva with Minister Roberto Morales
1 month ago

Cuba struggles for the complete freedom of antiterrorist heroes

The Fourth Forum of the Cuban civil society called Obama to free the Cuban anti-terrorism fighter,  strengthened with the sensitivity of a daughter
1 month ago

The Infinite Weight of 16 years

This is the first colloquium in which Fernando is participating after having completed serving his sentence. René was in the ninth and now is travelling various parts of the world, as well as other family members, to support what is happening in these days of intense solidarity.
The kids are grown up, the Five have aged, there is no family which time has not reached to see the end of this fight. So much injustice calls for strengthening the global solidarity movement with this cause
1 month ago

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