Lucius Walker

By: Enrique Milanés León


2016-09-07 | 12:47:21 EST

September 9, 2016


The heart attack, just six years ago today, had to be massive. A common heart attack, a myocardium infarction by itself  would have been a very unbelievable end for this man who always drew crowds. The organ Lucius Walker used most, failed to him in the last minute of his life; And, his death, when he was 80, was somehow a predictable death.


Lucius was the most valuable donation that his pastors have brought in dozens of caravans. He offered himself permanently to Cubans, so he returned every year, without having gone away completely for repeating, together with his people, the socialist and evangelical Gospel of solidarity. Since that day in 2010, when he physically moved away a little from this land he loved so much, we must understand his departure just as the beginning of a longer caravan.


Cubans were aware of him in 1992, when approaching Cuba seemed a test of love in the nineteenth-century. Lucius got the best mark in any goal he imposed himself . He brought, together with a hundred traveling companions, the first shipment of support: bibles and milk, medicines and school supplies, help and breaths.


Then, the US Government began to link together its unbroken chain of failures in attempts to stop the caravan members. The second caravan came as well, that of the yellow «bus. » The bus was magic just by the touch of friendship, and it was so famous in Cuba as the golden submarine by Beatles. The Pastor of Pastors fought tooth and nail, and ultimately Cuban children could travel on it and sing, why not, the best melodies born in Liverpool. Thus, from that moment on, all the yellow buses in Havana are Lucius´ buses.


In 2007, the members of the caravan were at the graduation at the Latin-American School of Medicine, where eight US young students showed them the title that guarantees them to save lives anywhere in the world. How was he? He was as proud as a father whose children now are graduating as doctors, he said, more with his eyes than with his voice.


That´s the way pastors are. We have seen them year after year carrying and defending, like fire ants, solar panels, computers, bicycles, ambulances, sports equipment, food, medicine ...they brought through cities in Canada, the United States and Mexico, That and more have been collected and brought to Cuba without asking licenses to the Treasury Department because «Cubans are our brothers and nobody can stop us from loving them. » Love is never tame. And he practiced it like a battle. That man of multilingual solidarity, saying the simplest words with the utmost placidity and enjoyed the rare charisma of humility, was a fighter for the world, he supported African patriots, he condemned apartheid, he fought for civil rights, against the Ku Klux Klan, he encouraged indigenous peoples, he aided Haiti, he was shot in Nicaragua, he supported the Palestinian struggle and defended immigrants in the «great nation» that discriminates more than any other.


Lucius was brave as few others. Once, he even said that «Jesus and his disciples were the first communists because he made it clear that as Christian disciples we must love each other, serving the other and working in the interests of those who have less. » And indeed, he saw an antichrist: the capitalist system.


He used to define the blockade against Cuba as something monstrously immoral and he said that remaining quiet before the blockade was a violation of what Jesus told them to do. Because he was of those who call a blockade a blockade, and he openly declared that Cuban Five heroes should be considered as such also in the United States.


Rev. Lucius never revered the imperial power, and from inside the United States, he made uncomfortable questions like this: Why the half of the medicine in the world is not accessible to Cuba?


So was this man who remains being of those who ask only to give, and who give without asking, maybe even without waiting for. In 2010,  Cuba said goodbye with the hands of embracing the friend who celebrated his last birthday in Cuba, the land of his friend Fidel. This fervent believer in Cubans continues loving us after his «Goodbye, »  this man gifted with surname, legs and soul of walker, who without licenses, went to Heaven in a yellow bus and allows us, on this side of the death, lighting our fighting with lights like him.


Translated by ESTI

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