Splits in the Venezuelan Right-Wing

By: Osviel Castro Medel

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2014-04-18 | 13:35:39 EST
CARACAS - . Two interviews given by an old politician of the Right to respective TV channels strip, inadvertently, the war of the vultures that exists in the opposition, relentless in their desire to show monolithic unity.

"There were sectors of the opposition demanding conditions ( ... ) so that the dialogue would not produce, because there are sectors of the opposition, and I must say it here at any risk, that are not interested in dialogue because they have certain personal and partisan agendas," said Henry Ramos Allup, secretary general of the right-wing Democratic Action (AD ) last week to Televen, referring to the process of talks started between the so-called Democratic Unity Table (MUD) and the Government.

The AD leader went further: "There are people who I believe are fans of confrontation and declare world wars so that the children of others fight, because surely they have their own children guarded."

Hours later the same Ramos Allup told Colombian-born hostess Patricia Janiot, of CNN in Spanish, that Antonio Ledezma and Maria Corina Machado, two of the leaders of the opposition media were not at Miraflores Palace to talk, just because they did not want to go, and let slip that they had personal interests incompatible with supporters of the debate.

These realities are not new. Several times, beyond the current climate of dialogue, there has been talk of veiled clashes between the governor of Miranda and former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles (Primero Justicia Party), and the promoter of the 'Exit', Leopoldo López (Voluntad Popular).

And he also talked about the contradictions between Mrs. Machado and the Absent from Miranda. Even, the famous audio in which she exposes to an old friend that Venezuela "is so" because Capriles did not have enough arrests in the days after April 14, 2013, when, after several deaths from his call to overturn the results of the elections, did not have the balls and reversed a march scheduled for downtown Caracas.

Also noticeable were breaks between leaders of the opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) and Primero Justicia, by infighting within the first, after accepting talking peace with the government.

However, as Aquileo Narváez Martíne warned in the Aporrea digital site, in the article Division in the opposition, these internal struggles regarding dialogue and other issues should not distract the Chavista forces because ultimately the purpose of all these characters is to break down the Revolution.

"Beyond the talked about opposition division that exists today, there is an accelerated restructuring " analysed the commenter and added that in this new phase these political actors continue to be presented to the world as victims of the "system," distended, weak, stoking skirmishes where they have the chance inducing shortages when they can, burning buses whenever they want, in order to ... continue fucking up... in "low intensity."

This confirms much – and the need to maintain unity within the Revolution, counter the tremendous psychological warfare against President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet, defeating the guarimba, win (the most difficult of all ) in the economic field and enrich the doctrines which Chavez fortunately left.

Translated by ESTI

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