Requiem for a Blue Chronicle

By: Enrique Milanes Leó


2013-07-13 | 21:13:33 EST
My yesterday I lost blue chronicle. For some time its grace has not come to my pages, it seems not to like the bait that I put next to the typewriter -my old computer which is nothing but a good typewriter, and go to dinner, and to be dined, in the grounds of other colleagues.
I think I know why I left the Chronicle; for trying to immerse myself in its theory for certain uncertain papers, to discover its secrets indiscreetly when its very essence is the mystery. That could not be repaired like the engine of a car or the household washing machine, because it would break definitively.
It seems that I tried and it replied; it was annoyed, half covered and half naked, which is the same and blushes as well. It was offended and now I, who brings it flowers and speak of Marti and Rulfo, Julio Camba and Luis Sexto, cannot convince it. I do not seduce it even reading to it sweetly, by reading the verses of Loynaz.
The Chronicle is a proud genre: none requires such dedication from the author, such faithfulness on the page, such details of recent lovers ... Mine, which is one with many anecdotes, dressed in blue, but not denim thank heaven, which is the only tone that appears to me. And I lost the blue.
And here I am, a sort of Penelope who hopes his written queen will come back as an Homeric epic which, for sure, includes his battles, shipwrecks, perils, siren songs, loves and other tales. And weaves, and unweaves other jobs waiting for her to return to prevent new suitors - formal information, the report of a single blow, the interview without sight ... - occupy their space.
I lost my blue chronicle yesterday. Gone from my sight, while it grazed in my chest. Although I have no way to pay for any information, I just hope that, if she does not come back, she has been riding on Silvio’s unicorn.
Translated by ESTI

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