Another Way to Torture at US Naval Base Guantánamo

By: Juana Carrasco Martín


2013-04-24 | 12:57:57 EST

On Sunday, April 21, Lt. Col. Samuel House, deputy prison camp spokesman at the U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay, said that just over half the prisoners are on hunger strike and some 16 are being force-fed, which many people call a type of torture.

Eighty four of the one hundred and sixty six prisoners remain on strike against their indefinite imprisonment. Some of them have been able to showcase this cruel procedure which has even been condemned by the Red Cross.
The British newspaper the Observer published that one of the hunger strikers is Shaker Aamer, who has been 11 years in prison despite being one of the 86 prisoners who could be released since there are no proofs against them. However, he is still in single-cell lockdown, even though he is hopeful he will not die in that awful place. “I want to hug my children and watch them as they grow. However, if it’s God’s will that I should die here, I want to die with dignity.”

International solidarity towards these men is growing, for they are being submitted to a large number of abuses and ways of torture. It has been reported that, last week, some officers fired “non lethal” ammunitions at the prisoners to dissuade them from the hunger strike.

Since last Friday, all press reporters have left the base, and House’s statements on Sunday revealed that some 17 prisoners are being force-fed via tubes snaked up their nose and into their stomach, typically shackled to a feeding chair inside the prison, not in the hospital.

Samir Mukbel, one of the 56 Yemenis captives in the Guantánamo Naval Base, detailed the feeding procedure to his lawyer and described it as painful and violent, and that anaesthesia or sedatives are not applied, not even to mitigate the pain.
When prisoner Yousef went through this procedure for the first time, he was not able to speak for two days and he felt as if he had a piece of metal inside him, and he would puke blood, He added that the soldiers mocked him and said: “Look what your religion has done to you.”

In 2006, The UN Human Rights Commission declared that the US Army’s practice at the prison camp in Guantánamo was considered torture...However, the worst torture is holding those people under unlimited and arbitrary imprisonment, when many of them have not been charged and many authorities have agreed that they should be released. US President Obama promised in his first presidential campaign that he would close the Guantanamo base; however, he still has not honoured his words.

Once again, the United States violates International Law and ignores Human Rights.

Translation by ESTI

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