El Nuevo Herald and El Pais, Two of a Kind

By: Lazaro Fariñas

Email: digital@juventudrebelde.cu

2013-01-29 | 12:56:50 EST

When a media outlet is carried away by the emotion of its desires and starts posting only news sympathetic to its ideological goals, sooner or later it loses all credibility. Journalism directly related to a political goal, leaves it's impartiality by the wayside and fully becomes a means of propaganda for the cause it defends. Two papers, one on each side of the Atlantic,

for many years now are two such organizations for propaganda against popular movements in Latin America, especially against the revolutionary processes that have taken place in Cuba and Venezuela. El Nuevo Herald, of Miami, and El Pais in Spain, have a continuing campaign of defamation against both countries.

It is no coincidence that El Pais is distributed in Miami together with El Nuevo  Herald at no cost to customers of the local newspaper. Simply subscribe to the Herald to get, for free every morning, the print edition of the Spanish newspaper. It's something like "God created them and the devil joined them together." In both papers, articles are published daily full of venom against the two countries. For these publications, nothing good happens in Caracas or Havana. What they have is almost a negative obsession against both revolutionary processes. Similarly, but to a lesser extent, they have the same against Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador. It is the Ultra-Right in action against any progressive regime in the region.

When Fidel fell ill, they immediately began to publish articles in which they spoke of his death. No one knows the number of specialists of all kinds that they sought to give medical judgments at a distance, and with a total disregard for his health. They diagnosed different diseases and made their predictions based on the rambling output of their feverish minds.

The same has happened with the President of Venezuela. Since Hugo Chavez declared that he had cancer and would be treated medically for it, the Right wing propaganda has not tired of forecasting his death. In a morbid way, they had predicted he had just a few days to live and have looked to a number of medical experts to give diagnoses based on lies and defamation. Three months before the presidential elections of October 7, the tabloid press began a propaganda campaign claiming that the candidate would not be alive on election day. Chavez, not only made a vigorous campaign, but won decisively at the polls against those who were declaring him almost dying and with one foot in the grave.

Now, no matter that the notes from the Venezuelan government about the health of the President continue to report that it has slowly and gradually been evolving in a favourable way, these media are still trying to create a curtain of misinformation about the true health of Hugo Chavez . They are so desperate to mislead about the reality of the patient, that on more than one occasion have posted that he is on tubes and even brain dead.

In the midst of this desperation the newspaper El Pais published, a few days ago, a photo of a person appearing all tubed up, saying it was the President. It was something grotesque, which has earned the newspaper a total disregard internationally and a total loss of what little credibility it had enjoyed. They shot themselves in the foot and it is not enough to publish now and again a note lamenting having published such an infamous lie. El Pais of Spain, which at one time in its history was listed as one of the best newspapers in the world, has been led by the propagandists who published it today, to crawl through the mud in desperation, by distilling hatred against anyone with a progressive idea in favour of the most dispossessed.

Their unhealthy desires have backfired against them; so, both newspapers are half bankrupt and well discredited. The publication they print in the way they have done it is doomed to total failure and that is the way they are both going. Now they are simmering in their own lies. God rest both publications.

* A Cuban journalist based in Miami

Translated by ESTI

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