Socialist Venezuela

By: René Tamayo


2012-10-09 | 11:47:21 EST
CARACAS. - Yes we won. My condolences to the global Right. My condolences to the hegemonic powers (and forgive the redundancy). Pats on the back for the skeptics. My thanks to the perseverance and wisdom of a people. My admiration for one of the greatest men in American history.

No society has been so bombarded, manipulated and lied to by the hegemonic media as this. At least so directly. My condolences also to my "colleagues" of the large transnational media of disinformation.

Every day I am more convinced that journalism, as things are in this world, is divided into two irreconcilable camps. Those who hate and those who are willing to love.

The election campaign of President Hugo Chavez did its own thing. No half measures or  "overtones" of the supposed objectivity that is an outright fallacy. Chavez's victory is also mine. And that of my wife. And my family. And of my colleagues at JR and the other media. And the Cuban people ...

The battle in Venezuela has been hard. Resistance prevailed. The telluric of the people. As it should be.

Even though Chavez did not achieve a greater gap over the right-wing candidate, it is a victory.

I maintain my view that much of the opposition did not vote for Capriles, but against Chavez and / or Bolivarianism. During the period of proselytizing, the campaign team of the revolutionary leader set the target at ten million votes. The bar was to set at an ideal height, but difficult.

I suggested more than once that the range would be about six million for the representative of the oligarchy and nine million for the socialist leader. Chavez, at the conclusion of the final count by the electoral authority, has got more than eight million.

Much of what was missing was not so much migrated to the opposition, but could be found among the just over four million citizens who did not go to the polls.

The figure is also very low for the historical ranges of abstentions here. Some 81 percent of Venezuelans went to the polls. It is the highest for a bourgeois democracy in the history of the Americas. And beyond.

Why do I think the advantage of Chavez, the less extensive he has won in the four elections he has fought, was also a victory? Because, without doubt, the Bolivarian Revolution must now review what has been done, identify the errors, none have been strategic-, the weaknesses, and eradicate them.

To err is human. And also to grow.

This six-year term of socialism that the Bolivarian Revolution is beginning will undoubtedly be an economic, social, cultural and ethical crucible. You have the two greatest forces that can be: an extraordinary leader and a nation that is becoming more and more aware of the role it is playing in the  future of the world.

Translated by ESTI

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