Osvaldo Montero

Inspiration Comes From Good Stories

The Young composer Osvaldo Montero told Juventud Rebelde (JR) about his beginnings, creative and esthetical ideas, and artistic work
6 days ago

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Namely, in the first day, Cuba would be disputing 26 crowns in eight sports: synchronized swimming (1), swimming (3) canoeing (5), Mountain biking (2), fencing (2), modern pentathlon ( 1), taekwondo (4), shooting (4) and triathlon (4). 
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Today we will pull the piñata

Cuba will be disputing 26 gold medals in eight sports in the first day of the games
12 days ago
The Luis

Veracruz takes off

The 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games were inaugurated on Friday at the Luis "Pirata" Fuente Stadium under the slogan “Fly Veracruz, one Heart”
12 days ago
In this prestigious institution has graduated 24,486 doctors from 33 countries, of which more than 3,600 are specialists in General Medicine and 1,221 held a second specialty.

Following Fidels Path of Humanism

The Latin American School of Medicine arrived to its 15 years of existence with 24,486 graduates from 33 countries. The institution specially recognized the historic leader of the revolution and Raul
12 days ago
Cosmonauts Elena Serova and Alexandr Samokutiaev greeted live  the participants at the international conference for the five decades of the Association, reported Prensa Latina.

Russia-Cuba Friendship Association: Fifty years of ties

Cosmonauts send their greetings from the space. Putin and Raul messages. Fernando Gonzalez attended the conference
12 days ago

Re-thinking Culture on the Web

Editors, webmasters, journalists, academics, filmmakers and multimedia programmers agreed on the need to retrain some professional practices in the light of a reconfiguration of roles emerging with the new means of consumption
12 days ago

Oncologists from Around the World to Meet in Havana

The 2014 Oncology Congress meets in Havana's Conventions Centre between November 19 and 22. About 400 delegates, over 150 of them from different nations, will attend
14 days ago

Its Time to Resume Cuba-U.S. relations, says New York Timess Editor

According to Andrew Rosenthal, The New York Times’s editorial page editor, "in the US there is a growing number of voices that are in favor of deepening ties with Havana.”
14 days ago
Lázaro Saavedra

Lazaro Saavedra: 2014 National Arts Award

He was awarded by majority of votes because his work that is keeping alive and in constant renovation for some decades 
14 days ago
Cuban delegation that will participate in the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games

In Veracruz, for Victory

The first group of the Cuban delegation that will participate in the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games, to be held here from November 14 to 30, arrived on Wednesday on Mexican soil
14 days ago

Questions about Ebola

To learn about the complexities of the containment of such a deadly virus, its history, expansion forecasts, and national strategy of engagement, this newspaper spoke with Dr. Jorge Perez, director of the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine, the prestigious scientific institution which is leading the Cuban battle against the disease
17 days ago

Prisoner Swap Suggested by New York Times Supported in the U.S.

The president of the Cuba subcommittee of the US National Bar Association, Art Heitzer said that the absence of evidence that prove that the Five had obtained any classified information, was obviated
17 days ago

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