Homero Acosta

Cuba seeks coherence and unity in the legal order

Cuba is currently working in the creation and the modification of several legal regulations
2 days ago

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Cuba, the First Country to Answer the Call of the WHO

Highest authorities of the Health World Organization (WHO) thanks the solidarity of Cuba and President Raúl Castro, during the meeting held in Geneva with Minister Roberto Morales
10 days ago
Youth challenges on debate in Burgos

Youth challenges on debate in Burgos

Participants in the Ibero-American Conference of Ministers and Responsible for  Youth called for the lifting of the US embargo against Cuba and denounced the subversive plans of the USAID
2 days ago
This is the first colloquium in which Fernando is participating after having completed serving his sentence. René was in the ninth and now is travelling various parts of the world, as well as other family members, to support what is happening in these days of intense solidarity.

The Infinite Weight of 16 years

The kids are grown up, the Five have aged, there is no family which time has not reached to see the end of this fight. So much injustice calls for strengthening the global solidarity movement with this cause
10 days ago
The young Cuban tennis player, Omar Hernandez

Racket with Music

The young Cuban tennis player, Omar Hernandez, our greatest promise in the sport, has advanced to the semi-final of the International Arab Cup for athletes under 18
3 days ago
Raul Receives the Vice-President of Panama

Raul Receives the Vice-President of Panama

In an atmosphere of cordiality, both authorities talked about issues of regional and international agenda
3 days ago

Cuba struggles for the complete freedom of antiterrorist heroes

The Fourth Forum of the Cuban civil society called Obama to free the Cuban anti-terrorism fighter,  strengthened with the sensitivity of a daughter
2 days ago
Buena Fe

Buena Fe gives its songs in Miami

The popular duo, composed of Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, gave a special concert on Thursday in the American city, despite pressure from extremists in Florida
2 days ago
At 12 noon on September 12 a protest will be held outside the White House to demand President Obama release of the three remaining Cuban Five imprisoned in the United States.

Anti-terrorist Fighters Solidarity Day Continues in Washington DC

At 12 noon on September 12 a protest outside the White House will be held to demand President Obama's release of the three remaining Cuban Five imprisoned in the United States.
10 days ago
The Prevention of Diseases in Cuba

The Prevention of Diseases in Cuba

For the results of the Immunoassay Centre, it has again been awarded as National Vanguard, for the prevention in Cuba of multiple diseases in all the stages of the life
11 days ago

Salas Wins Silver Medal for Cuba’s Freestyle Wrestling

Reineris Salas showed effectiveness in the combination of pulls and strong hold-downs
11 days ago

Author of the song Cuba yes, Yankees no, Alejandro Gómez Roa Dies

A lawyer by profession, Gómez Roa had a life devoted to the liberating causes of Latin America and the world
11 days ago
5th World Series of Boxing

Domadores Come Out On Top

The Cuban boxing squad came off with six wins and four defeats vs. Astana Arlans from Kazakhstan in a match of promoting the 5th World Series of Boxing
11 days ago
The national director of the Community Computer Clubs Raúl Van Troi Navarro said that if the Vedado municipality had only one of these facilities in 1987; today, there are 600 Computer Clubs throughout Cuba, even in the mountains.

A Higher Stage for the Cuban Community Computer Clubs

The 27th anniversary of the foundation of the Community Computer Clubs, an initiative of Fidel, was remembered last Monday. Artemisa began to apply the experimental payment for the services and products of these entities
13 days ago

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