Statement by the Cuban president

The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raul Castro announced the arrival in Cuba of Gerardo Hernández , Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labañino
13 hours ago

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Rajko Bozic

USAID Wanted to Sing Hip Hop in Cuba

Again the U.S. tried to promote subversion by infiltrating among young artists
5 days ago
To date it has been reported that more than 6,000 people have died from this disease in an outbreak that had this year its focus on Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Time Magazine Person of the Year are the Doctors Fighting against Ebola

Among the health personnel recognized it highlights the over 400 Cubans who are in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea
6 days ago
Gómez Cairo stressed that Leonardo in his prolific work as a researcher, writer, essayist and musicologist, was also appreciated for his virtuosity as a saxophonist.

National Music Award for Leonardo Acosta and Sergio Vitier

With the highest award given by that specialty in Cuba, it recognizes their contributions and the richness of their works
6 days ago

Cuban Education System for Everybody

Education in Cuba is intended for everybody with equal opportunities, so this entails the design of a didactic program for those who have special educational needs, as one of their rights
5 days ago

Restoration of Emblematic Natural Park in Pinar del Río

An intensive restoration is being carried out in the La Güira National Park, one of the most visited site for nature tourism in Cuba that was seriously affected by hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008
11 hours ago

Cubans with Golden Wheels

Yasmani Balmaseda, Arnold Alcolea, Pedro Portuondo, Jose Mujica, Yasmani Martínez, Agustín López Martínez and Yennier represent Cuba in the 50th edition of the cycling Tour of Costa Rica which will end on December 25
11 hours ago

CARICOM-Cuba 5th Summit, for the Welfare of Our People

The delegations attending the meeting, which is held every three years reaffirmed the importance of continuing to work together for sustainable development of the region's countries

8 days ago

Cooperation between Cuba and the Countries of CARICOM Has Contributed to the Growth and Well-being of our Peoples

Declaration of Havana on the occasion of the Fifth Cuba-Caricom Summit
8 days ago

Dr. Felix Baez Sarria to be Released from Hospital

The authorities of the University Hospital of Geneva, where he has been receiving treatment at the highest level, confirmed that testing has confirmed the disappearance of the virus from his body fluids, so he will soon be released. When this happens, Dr. Felix Baez Sarria will return to Cuba
11 days ago
The remaining ten Cubans in Bogota are not doing quite so well. However, Isam Ortiz (GM-2623) is in 16th, Carlos Hevia (MI-2511) Aramis Alvarez 17 and No. 18, with two points and still have a chance to sneak into the forefront group.

When Frying the Brain is Worthwhile

Cuban Grand Masters Lazaro Bruzon, Yuri Gonzalez and Yusnel Bacallao, are leaders with another brainy trio in the ITT Millionaire tournament, based in the Colombian city of Bogotá
11 days ago

Cinema Returns to Havana

The 36th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will open today at 8:00 pm at the Karl Marx
13 days ago

Van Van Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

The «train» of the Cuban music will offer a concert at the Havana University Staircase this December 5
13 days ago

With the Fire of Love for Cuba

With 16 giant bonfires and many other initiatives the High School Student Federation celebrated its 44th anniversary. As a gift to the BTJ, whose birthday coincides with the FEEM, trees were planted in all provinces
13 days ago

Dr. Felix Baez Improving Progressively

A statement from the University Hospital of Geneva states that Baez is still weak, but gradually recovered and feeding normally. This favourable development must be ratified by future analysis
18 days ago

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